The Best Places to Buy Unique Gifts in Disney World

The best places to buy unique gifts in Disney World may bring you more than a basic shirt selection or things that you can find online through

If you’re someone like me and can see individualism and creativity as a bonus…then these shops should definitely be on your radar. With over 310 stores, there are plenty to choose from!


Arribas Bros at Disney Springs – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Artisan handmade treasures galore in locations at Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. I’ve become a huge fan of their products, which ranges from jewellery to picture frames to figurines that will blow your mind.

We’re drawn to the big-ticket items, but sometimes it’s worth asking help from the staff because they’ve probably got your favorite character represented somewhere in their collection! Arribas Bros is on Shop Disney!

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Personalized Sketches at the Art of Disney in Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

This shop with locations in the Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, EPCOT and hidden spots in the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios is more than a Fine Art gallery.

You’re able to find everything from a print to knick-knacks for your office and even hand-drawn pieces from highly skilled Disney artists. Unique fun, prices from reasonable to “really?!”, and everything in between.

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Walt Disney World Golf Merchandise at Disney’s Magnolia & Palm Golf Courses (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

The short walk across the street from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is worth the trip, especially when you have a chance to get merchandise that no one in your circle would have in their collection.

From golf shirts to hats, the opportunity to add unique Disney Golf merchandise to your suitcase will be worth the 5-minute walk.

The merchandise is exclusive to the golf courses and can be ordered through the online website if you need an extra shirt that you forgot to grab.


This resort gift shop has some serious style. You could wind up with anything from Polynesian style clothing to fun Disney-inspired co-branded merch.

PLUS…shopping at Disney World is always better when you have a Dole Whip location within 25 steps!


Legends of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Although not unique to the general population, it’s important to recognize that brands that have locations in Disney World theme parks typically have a special line or product offering that would classify as being “unique”.

Pandora is found at the Magic Kingdom (Uptown Jewellers) and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Legends of Hollywood). You can also find the Disney Collection on


This Beauty and the Beast boutique in the Magic Kingdom encompasses theming, design, apparel, art and so much more.

The best (of course) is that they are constantly adding new merchandise for probably one of my favorite Disney movies of all time!

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Merchandise at the CocaCola Store in Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Know someone who needs Coca-Cola to survive? Take them to the store that is filled with “here and now” experiences (like the meet & greet with the Polar Bear AND the International Coke Flight) and the stuff that you just need in your home (like the Coke crates or Canimals, which are handcrafted pieces of art designed from Coke cans).

The Coca-Cola Store is definitely a ‘Must See’ for unique gifts within Disney Springs!

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Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

If you want something to remember your vacation with daily, stop into Joffrey’s at Disney Springs to grab their lineup of Disney inspired coffees.

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Northwest Mercantile at the Canadian Pavilion (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

Yes, I’m going to share my old home location with you because they’ve gotten so much better with sourcing and buying in the 15+ years since I was on my contract.

It’s not just the “Bear Butt Soap” store anymore, so stop in and see the World Showcase exclusive merchandise that has been sorely needed for a long time. The logos are updated and the cast members are STILL as Canadian as you want them to be;)


You won’t find traditional Disney stuff in the official merchandise location in Pandora: The World of Avatar! Na’vi artifacts, fun hidden gems like glow-in-the-dark clothing and of course….you can adopt a Banshee!

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World of Disney at Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

I know I know – the largest Disney store in the world doesn’t have unique gifts! Or do they? I think that when you’re looking for a starting point and ending spot for your vacation, the largest is definitely a good place to know about.

I’ve found exclusive merchandise, hidden gems that may be sold out from smaller locations and everything from home accessories to apparel to gifts to office stuff…it’s all under one roof and I’d be remise to not include it on the list.

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The retail game of Disney Springs has been taken to a whole new level, so be sure to check out the official website to know what’s around. With the ever-changing constantly evolving lineup, it’s impossible for me to keep on top of every single location because between when you read this article and when you step onto property…things will have changed. Just look out for brands like:

  • Build-a-Dino @ T-Rex (Plush Toys)
  • Happy Hound Kiosk (Stuff for your Dog)
  • The Marketplace Co-Op (Everything from art to apparel to fun randomness!)

Still wanting more ideas for experience on your next Disney World vacation? I love sharing more and more content to keep your trip planning juices flowing to build the excitement!

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