Avoid These 10 Common Disney Vacation Mistakes

Top 10 Disney Vacation Mistakes to Avoid

Picture this: You’re about to step into the enchanting world of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy at Walt Disney World. However, sometimes, our picture-perfect dream vacations clash with reality. That’s why this comprehensive guide can be your best friend when planning your trip and setting realistic expectations.

1. Skip the Beverly Experience

Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Do you remember Beverly at Club Cool in EPCOT? Once marketed as an apertif, it became a humorous tradition among Disney fans. Learn why this discontinued drink is better left untouched.

That being said, getting a little sugar kick from free soda at Club Cool is always recommended!

2. Beware of Disney Bus Transportation

Time is precious on your Disney vacation, and relying on Disney bus transportation can lead to disappointments. Here’s why flexibility, budgeting, and a patient mindset are key.

Don’t be too patient though – you won’t remember an $8 UBER, but you’ll remember wasting 45 minutes on a late bus from Disney Springs.

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3. Reconsider Extra Ticketed Events

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party might not live up to the hype anymore. Discover why crowded events with added pressure might not be worth it.

Look for the other options, but most extra ticketed events are $150+ for an over-sold theme park that’s full of people putting the same pressure on getting value as you are.

4. Opt for Efficiency: Avoid the Ferry to Magic Kingdom

While the Ferry offers breathtaking views, your vacation time is valuable. Learn that taking an Uber to the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Village Resort or the Grand Floridian Resort is a better experience!

5. Skip New Year’s Eve at Magic Kingdom

Crowds, long lines, and capacity closures can turn your New Year’s Eve at Magic Kingdom into a stressful experience. Explore alternative options for a memorable celebration, like staying home and watching the pre-tapped experience from the safety of your own couch!

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6. Choose the Right Date for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Waiting until Halloween night might not be the best choice. Find out why starting in August & September is more enjoyable and less crowded.

7. Avoid July 4th at Magic Kingdom

Summer heat, large crowds, and early capacity closures make July 4th at Magic Kingdom challenging. Just avoid it.

8. Navigate New Year’s Eve at EPCOT

EPCOT’s New Year’s Eve celebration starts early due to different time zones. Learn how to make the most of this event and avoid the post-party crowds, as New Years Eve is typically a rainy day and too much pressure for a good experience.

9. Skip Opening Weekend at EPCOT Festivals

Opening weekends at EPCOT festivals can be chaotic, with technology failures and training issues with the culinary experiences.

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10. Reconsider Disney’s All-Star Resorts

While budget-friendly, the quality at Disney’s All-Star Resorts might not meet your expectations. Explore other value resorts that offer a better experience, like Disney Springs Partner Hotels or the resorts under the Animal Kingdom.

Bonus Tip: Super Bowl Cavalcade

Discover why watching the Super Bowl Cavalcade on Disney Parks Blog or YouTube can be more enjoyable than witnessing it live.

Bonus Tip: Christmas Day at Magic Kingdom

Christmas in the Magic Kingdom is magical, but it’s also one of the busiest days. Manage your expectations and make the most of this festive experience.

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The Ultimate Tip: Transportation After Fireworks

Magic Kingdom Bus Transportation Loop (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Leaving the parks after the fireworks? Find out why walking to nearby resorts for an Uber might save you time and stress.

In Conclusion

Your Disney vacation should be filled with enchantment, not regrets. Learn from these common mistakes, and make your trip the magical experience it should be.

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