Overcoming Irrational Disney World Fears

The “Happiest Place on Earth,” is a dream destination for thousands of people worldwide. But you might arrive in Disney World and realize that you’ve packed some extra baggage. You see, it’s pretty common for visitors to harbour seemingly irrational fears while planning or enjoying their time on vacation in Florida.

Before we go into the examples, I have to start out with a note about “irrational” fears. If you’re avoiding something because you’re actually afraid of it – then avoid it. You can have an awesome Disney experience without having to face your fears, but if you want to expose yourself to these fears, Disney is a very safe place to be able to do that.

Personally, I don’t like heights. I’m afraid of prolonged time in an elevator. I’m also afraid of bees. These are fears that some may see as being irrational, but I have very valid reasons for, and I find ways to enjoy my time at Disney without pushing myself into a negative headspace.

You do you.

Now let’s talk about bees, I mean which experiences you shouldn’t really worry about at Disney World

Monorail Doors Opening Mid-Ride

EPCOT Monorail – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

One of the most frequent irrational fears at Disney World that I hear almost every time that I’m at the Transportation & Ticket Centre involves the unsettling thought of monorail doors popping open during a ride.

While it may sound improbable, it’s crucial to recognize that Disney prioritizes safety above all else. Their monorail system undergoes daily maintenance, and incidents like this are rare. Trust in Disney’s dedication to safety, and relish the unique monorail experience without worry.

If you’re a little worried, then you can always walk from the Ticket & Transportation Centre to the Polynesian Village Resort and through the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom. You can also take the ferry boat across the water.

You can also not lean against the monorail door. If a monorail looks to be packed with people and you’re worried about getting squished up against the door, wait for the next monorail – it’ll be along in just a few minutes.

Walkway from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian Resort (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

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Stuck on Space Mountain

Space Mountain, the Magic Kingdom coaster that simulates a cosmic adventure in the dark, can make some visitors anxious about getting stuck mid-ride.

This gets me every so often, as I psych myself up when I start to hear the lift hill and remember that this is a very old coaster and hasn’t seen the same attention as the ride at Disneyland.

Though technical glitches can happen occasionally, Disney’s highly trained cast members work diligently to ensure everyone’s safety. In the unlikely event of an interruption, remain patient and follow the CM’s instructions. Remember, such incidents are rare, and the chances of getting stuck are minimal.

That being said, if you have a fear – then this might not be the ride for you and you can always skip it. Here are a few attractions that are actually cool to get stuck on!

Skyliner Stopping Mid-Air

Skyliner at EPCOT (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

The Disney Skyliner, an aerial gondola system transporting guests between resorts and parks, may cause anxiety for a few. I’ve been in conversations with amazing friends and fellow Disney fans and they’ll go on everything at the parks except for the Skyliner.

When the Skyliner first opened to the public there were stories of the gondolas getting stuck for hours but thankfully Disney looked into the problem and delays like these are very uncommon.

The fear of the Skyliner coming to a sudden halt in mid-air can be disconcerting. Nevertheless, Disney has put extensive safety measures in place, and the chances of an extended stop are exceedingly low. If you find yourself in this situation, have faith in the system’s design and enjoy the views.

If you really really don’t want to use the transportation system, then you can always take the bus, walk or grab an UBER. It’s all good.

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Vegetarian Worries

Zucchini Wrap at Ronto Rosters in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

Many visitors with dietary restrictions, especially vegetarians and vegans, worry about finding suitable food options at Disney World. However, rest assured that Disney offers a diverse range of dining choices to cater to various dietary needs. My partner is vegetarian and the options have gotten a lot better across the property. And all of the restaurants and quick service stops have menus available online that you can check out in advance.

In fact, we’ve got a few articles that talk about the The Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants at Disney World and Best Table Service Restaurants for Vegetarian and Meat-Eater Couples.

By researching the park’s dining options beforehand, you’ll discover that Disney has delicious and satisfying meals to suit your requirements.

Polite Pig at Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

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Fearing Closed Attractions or Locations

Arriving at a favourite attraction or restaurant only to discover it temporarily closed for maintenance or refurbishment is another common irrational fear.

To avoid this scenario, check Disney’s official website or app for real-time information on attraction closures and operating hours before your visit. Having a backup plan or a list of alternative experiences can alleviate your concerns and ensure you make the most of your trip.

The fear can be real, if you’re walking into the Magic Kingdom and seeing a sign that says that Tron is down for the day, or that Rise of the Resistance is down and not coming back up for the rest of the day. It’s tough because attractions definitely have down time, but if you’re spending thousands of dollars to go on a trip to experience something…disappointment can be real.

I almost shed a tear on our last Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and the management decided to close Gaston’s Tavern when the regular guests left at 6pm – which meant that I didn’t get a Lefou’s Brew before we left. It’s okay though – we got a Dole Whip instead.

Closed Gaston’s Tavern at the start of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

Falling Ill During Your Vacation

Guest Relations at Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

This isn’t just about catching COVID while on vacation, although that can be frustrating. This is about eating something that doesn’t agree with your stomach, catching a cold, or riding Guardians of the Galaxy after drinking around the world showcase.

Travel can impact anyone, even the most seasoned travellers – so let’s talk about what you can do to minimize the fear.

Stay hydrated, maintain proper hygiene practices and sleep more than you think you’ll need. If you’re prone to motion sickness you can also check out the intensity ratings of rides online and in advance to see if it might be too much for you. I’m also a huge fan of staying away from people who are prone to getting sick at least a week or two before your trip!

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Missing Exclusive Events

Disney World frequently hosts exclusive events and seasonal celebrations, like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I would also add things like D23 and the taping of the Christmas Morning activities in this category.

The fear of missing out on these unique experiences can be overwhelming, especially for avid Disney fans. To increase your chances of attending these events, stay informed about Disney’s official announcements and consider planning your visit around their schedules. Buy in advance and don’t wait for prices to go down, because they never do.

I almost forgot to celebrate Stitch Day on June 26th (get it – Stitch is also known as Experiment 626). There was only one spot on property that was doing something special, and when I got to the Polynesian Village after the Magic Kingdom closed, the lineup was more than two hours. I was able to get a selfie, photograph the line and then liked a post on instagram and went on my way.

Navigating the Pressure of Social Media

Dustin at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (Photo: StepstoMagic)

In today’s digital age, many guests feel pressured to document every moment on social media.

Remember that your Disney World experience should be about creating cherished memories and savouring the magic, not just about capturing the perfect Instagram photo.

Be present in the moment, and don’t let the pressure of social media detract from your enjoyment. You paid for your vacation, your followers did not.

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Though anxieties may creep in when visiting Disney World, it’s important to remember that the park is dedicated to providing a safe and enchanting experience for all guests. By doing some research and preparation ahead of time, having faith in Disney’s commitment to safety, and staying in the moment, you can conquer these fears and fully embrace the enchantment of the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

Disney World is where dreams come true, and with the right mindset, you can ensure your visit is filled with joy and unforgettable memories.

And if something goes wrong – just get a dole whip and remember that you’re in Disney!

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