Top Ten Stores to get Mickey Ears

Think about walking down Main Street. You have the smell of the popcorn carts, the music, the people…the magic, the mayhem and you! šŸ˜‰

Well, you also have a place which allows grown adults to wear the coolest things that you can only wear in a Disney park….Mickey Ears!

Ground Rule: This list will include all stores that sell Mickey Ears, not just those that personalize. We’ve also got a full article about Mickey Ears over here!

The Emporium

Ok, so the Emporium is more than just one store, so because of this we are able to showcase a bunch of little shops up and down Main Street USA.

The spot that we’ll be sending you is actually half way down the Emporium, inside the dome section of the shop. In there, you’ll find ball caps, wedding ears, and the classic Mickey Ears!


So, you arrive at your resort…let’s say…the Polynesian Village Resort and you want a pair of Mickey’s ears. Where should you start? Well how about in the store that’s in your lobby!

You never know until you try, and sometimes your resort merchandise location will surprise you.

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When you’re visiting EPCOT, one of the big surprises is that each country is staffed by cast members from that country. If you’re in the Canadian pavilion, you’re going to be interacting with Canadians.

This also means that there is a chance that you could find country-specific ears…so when in Rome (or the Italy Pavilion in this case), do as Romans do!


Ok, so this is an easy one. You’re at EPCOT and you want any piece of merchandise you could imagine? Why not stop into the largest store at the park. Just makes sense…


Let’s be honest, this is the best way to make sure that you get the ears that you want without having to bounce from store to store. There’s always a chance that your style will be out of stock, and if you’re only on vacation for a short amount of time…this may be the best way to guarantee that your ears will be waiting for you when you check in at your resort!

Want the options? Check out 

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Imagine stepping foot into a store that you love, but your wallet & bank account fear! This is the World of Disney…and you can find so much more than ears…but we’ll keep this on the list as they have a larger selection than most of the single shops on this list, and usually have a decent stock level too!


Is it wrong that I felt like Disney’s Hollywood Studios just needed to be on this list once? Well this is the shop where you can buy ears and have them embroidered while at DHS! ’nuff said right?

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So this is a hit or miss, because with any outlet store…you have no idea what’s in store until you’re actually there. With the sheer number of pieces of merchandise that flows through the Disney Parks, this is where you’ll find the things that either don’t sell OR they’ve changed styles.

I’ve seen great deals on Mickey Ears on some vacations, and others…not a single pair in store. It’s definitely worth checking out though!


I love The Town Square Theatre, and it’s not for the reason that you may think.

Yes, it is a location where you can meet Mickey & buy ears, but it’s also an amazing shop with some of the coolest cast members in the Magic Kingdom. They are filled to the brim with pixie dust and will always help you out if you’re looking for that special set of ears.

When we were looking for Belle ears, these cast members not only took the mission upon themselves to help us track them down, they actually remembered us when we went in the following day! Huge props!


If you forget your ears, or if you have extra time before your flight at the Orlando International Airport…stop into the EarPort and you’ll be able to find a nice pair of ears for your trip home!

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What can’t you buy on Amazon?! Tons of options for folks looking to buy Mickey Ears at “non-theme park” prices!

Did we miss any? Where do you get your Ears? Share them with us!

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