Things To Buy Before Your Disney Trip to Save You Money

There’s only so much room in your suitcase for souvenirs, but what if you brought down items that would be used during your trip that will save you money?

Let’s talk about it!

5 things To Buy Before Your Disney Trip to Save You Money


Buying good shoes before your vacation will actually save you stress, pain AND a lot of money. From bandaids to replacement shoes and specialty shoes…there are many things that you may have to buy at your hotel to get you through the vacation.


Florida is hot, but you know what the side-effect of the heat is? Really bad sunburns.

How do you make sunburns go away? Lots of cooling gels, hydration (water) and time. Why would you want to spend 2-3x the market price in order to get Aloe Vera in your resort gift shop because you didn’t invest in a hat?


We’ve got a full article about the best snacks to buy for your trip, but the main reason why you should bring food with you is because a cup of grapes in the parks is $5!

The number of times that I’ve wandered around the Animal Kingdom around 10am because it’s too early for lunch and I needed something more than a bagel….well it’s a waste of money. Be prepared and know when you invest in advance.


It’s happened to the best of us – walking through the Emporium on our last night thinking that we have to buy souvenirs for friends and family. Completely acceptable, but what about the things that you’ll want to get because you’re in the middle of the magic?

Pre-purchasing souvenirs can actually save you money because you’re in a level-headed mentality that doesn’t involve being less than 50 feet from Mickey Mouse!


I’m trying to not be a broken record, but if you don’t bring at least one poncho per person down with you…well that’s a lot of money that Disney’s going to be getting from your vacation budget.

Hope that this was helpful for you! Click through to a couple more articles if you’re in the midst of planning a trip to Orlando! Lots of information to know:)

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