Disney World Restaurants That We’ve Never Eaten At (And Why)

Disney World has hundreds of dining opportunities, but there are some restaurants that we’ve never actually got past the reservation stage.

From changing plans to just having no desire to eat there – there is a huge list that we’ve never eaten at.

Tony’s Town Square (Magic Kingdom)

We can get a bad Italian meal at home.

Story Book Dining at Artist Point

We can never get a reservation. Please Disney – we’re asking nicely!

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Space 220

We were excited, and then quickly weren’t. Everyone said that it’s not worth it…it’s not worth the Hyperspace Hoopla!

Hollywood Brown Derby

There’s always a better way to spend an hour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios than sitting in a restaurant.

Liberty Tree Tavern

The vegetarian meal is very un-appetizing and let’s be honest…Magic Kingdom is lacking in good table service anyway.

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La Cava

The line at 9am is massive! We get it folks…we do…but seriously! How early is too early for tequila?

House of Blues

I’ve made reservations. It’s just never a place that we end up for dinner and it’s on the same list as Rainforest Cafe, Blaze Pizza and Earl of Sandwich – chains tend to be re-prioritized.

Is there any restaurant that you’ve planned to go and always cancelled your reservation? Let me know!

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