Fun Facts about the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs

When you’re thinking about experiences at Disney Springs, there’s a handful of things that fall into the category of ‘Must Do’, and the Coke Store is in that category!

Opened in July 2016, the Coca-Cola Store Orlando has blossomed into a spot that brings guests of all ages and soda preferences under one roof without over-reaching. There are hidden gems, design elements and must-see things that I’ll cover, because unless you know what to look for…you may just think it’s another basic retail store at the ever expanding Disney Springs dining & entertainment district.

Don’t worry, this won’t be a typical ‘Public Relations’ post, because those are made for the general public. You’ve made your way to, where I get to share the in’s and out’s of my fav spots!

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Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

The store is three levels, with different features on each floor, which is accessible through an outdoor/indoor (kinda) exterior ramp. Located in the Town Center district of Disney Springs, it’s right across from the Planet Hollywood Observatory and AMC Dine-In Theatre.

Opening hours are typically the same as most locations at the resort, but keep in mind that there are times that are busier than others. The nighttime definitely brings a different feel than the daytime hours.


OMG, if you’ve ever had the need to hug a polar bear who happens to be the furriest and fluffiest (and snuggly) bear you’ll ever meet…you need to make this a stop on your itinerary!

Open from 10-9pm daily, this AIR-CONDITIONED meet & greet free opportunity is on the 2nd floor and is one of the coolest things that you didn’t know you needed to do until you’ve done it.

Just a quick tip: Just like Disney Photopass photographers, the staff at the experience are trained to multitask with cameras. They’ll grab a couple photos for you to potentially purchase, but they’ll also take a photo or two with your technology. Oh, and the Polar Bear is a huge fan of selfies!!

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Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Okay, so this is where I get to talk about things that you could do, if you’re in the mood to play with tastes from around the world.

When the International Tray showed up at our table, we just looked at it with wide-eyed wonder. Sixteen sparking and still beverages from all around the world, ranging from well known brands like Fanta to lesser known…like Beverly! The staff do provide you with a checklist of what you’re drinking, and you’re able to go through it blind and then match the numbers of the cups to your sheet as you go.

Cost: Under $10 for the 16 samples.

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We went for the International Tray, but I have to say that the Float Tray was actually a little more refreshing during the mid-day heat of Central Florida!

The 8 samples are a little more substantial, as you get ice cream with the sodas…so for fans of Root Beer Floats, this is an awesome option.

Cost: Just a little over $10 for 8 samples

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The store is set to a 1920’s Coca Cola bottling plant, which allows for a familiar and yet modern style. From the 30ft wide blown-glass chandelier of repurposed Coca Cola bottles…it’s all about the hidden gems!

Brick is a design element that brings to light the overall size of the location, but it also brings with it an awesome background for selfies and new Linkedin profile photos!!


I had to stop myself multiple times from buying something that 100% could not have fit in my suitcase, but that doesn’t mean that you may have the same size restrictions. From clocks, classic art, drinkware and everything in between…modern or minimalist decorating can be accomplished through their second floor homewares section.

Oh, and there’s a section of merchandise that product buyers have created in which products are sourced through a number of economic partners around the world. This means that you could find a gift for the person who has everything lol!

Fun Fact – most of the products aren’t available online, so plan wisely!


We noticed on their menu that they’ve got a FreeStyle Experience, which costs $3 (16oz), $3.50 (24oz) or $3.75 (32oz)…and includes 5 FREE REFILLS within an hour of purchase. This includes use of their Freestyle dispenser, which actually has 100+ different sparkling and still beverage options.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs to see what they’re working on next, because they’re always coming up with new experiences to check out.

For up to date info, check out the store’s official website here

Fun Facts about the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs

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