20 Unbeatable Ways to Experience an Adult-Only Disney World Trip

There are some people who think Disney World is just for kids, but we’re here to say that’s not true! Sure, the Disney Marketing team is all about pictures of kids frolicking with Mickey Mouse or little princesses hugging Belle, but Disney World offers more than that, and welcomes kids of all ages. This is your ultimate guide to navigating Disney World as an adult, and trust us, it’s not only possible but incredibly fun!

Start Your Day Early

Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Rope Drop (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Starting early, or opting for “Rope Drop” is a great way to beat the crowds and get the first dibs on rides and attractions. With fewer families around, you’ll also enjoy shorter lines in the cooler morning weather. Then, when it’s mid-day and the really little kids are getting cranky, you can head out for a drink or a nap at the resort and come back later in the day, ready for a late night at Disney.

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Indulge in Midnight Ice Cream

From Mickey Ice Cream Bars tp the legendary Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream, located at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort, why not treat yourself to a late-night sugar rush? Ice cream is found all around the parks in different forms, strange flavors and can sometimes be made boozy if you want.

Breakfast Cupcake, Because You Can

There’s nothing better than walking down Main Street USA with a cupcake, knowing that there is no judgement required. You’re on vacation!

Refresh with Mid-Day Naps

Yes, you can and should take naps! Recharge during the day so you’re all set for nighttime adventures. Just be sure to set an alarm so that you’re not missing too much of your park day.

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Skip Resort Breakfast to Avoid Crowds

Early mornings at resort food courts are often chaotic with families. Instead, head straight to the parks and grab breakfast there or opt for a late-morning buffet. If you’re not a fan of breakfast foods, you can always bring granola bars or other snacks with you into the parks, as long as they’re not in glass containers.

Eat On Your Own Terms

Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Plan your meals to suit your schedule, not the other way around. We often get caught up in all the stuff going on around us that it’s easy to ignore our body’s needs. Planning meals and snacks, with some flexibility, is a great way to check in with yourself and take a time out to figure out what you need. Whether it’s an early lunch at Tusker House or off-hours snacking, make sure it fits your itinerary.

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Master Your Genie+ Reservations

Line up your Genie+ reservations in the morning when it’s less crowded. This way, you can maximize your ride experiences before lunchtime. When you can, remember that you can make more Genie+ reservations later in the day.

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Utilize Package Delivery Service

Why carry shopping bags when you could be holding a Dole Whip instead? Use Disney’s package delivery service to send your purchases straight to your resort. It won’t be the fastest delivery option though, so make sure you check in with the cast member to see when it’s expected to be delivered to your resort. If you need to, you can also pay to have your item shipped to your house, so it’ll get home right when you do.

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Take Photos While You’re Still Fresh

Capture your memories early in the day. You’ll look your best, and Disney’s PhotoPass photographers are more inclined to try creative poses in the morning.

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Stay Flexible with Dining

Bread Service from Saana Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lounge (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Can’t snag a dining reservation? No worries. Many restaurants offer a limited menu from the same kitchen at their lounge or bar areas, so you can enjoy gourmet meals without the stress of pre-booking in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Pin Trading Isn’t Just for Kids

Pin Trading at The Boardwalk Inn (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Get into the fun of pin trading. You never know, you might trade for some rare pins with youngsters who don’t know their value.

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Queue Like a Pro

Don’t stand bored in lines. Use the time to update your social media, hunt for Hidden Mickeys, or strategize your next Dole Whip location. The Disney Parks also offers Play Disney Park, an app that lets you play games while in line. Just don’t sit down on the floor – it’s not safe in case someone needs to make an emergency exit by walking back through the line.

Don’t Hesitate to Make Special Requests

Front row on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster or the back row on Expedition Everest? Don’t be afraid to ask for a special seating arrangement; it can transform your ride experience. Be prepared to wait a little bit, and follow the cast member’s instructions.

Be Spontaneously Joyful

Don’t get bogged down by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). If a line is too long, move on to something else. The freedom is exhilarating, and you might find something else just a little out of your way.

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Dole Whip Galore!

Dole Whip and the Tropical Serenade at the Magic Kingdom (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Capture your Dole Whip moments and tag us. We promise to reciprocate with likes and possibly envy.

Explore Other Resorts

Disney’s Boardwalk (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Take advantage of dining at other resorts. It’s a delightful way to experience unique atmospheres while enjoying adult-only time.

Engage with Cast Members

Friendly interactions with cast members can often lead to awesome recommendations, insider tips, or great stories.

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Be Wiser and Know the Audience

Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Avoid stress-inducing situations like dining at kid-oriented restaurants like Chef Mickey’s or Rainforest Cafe. Opt for something like Tusker House, where you can enjoy character interactions without compromising on meal quality. Additionally, unless you’re a big fan of Finding Nemo, then Turtle Talk with Crush might not be where you want to spend the next 20minutes; snag your own boat at the Grand Fiesta Tour instead.

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Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disney World (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

A reservation for Victoria and Alberts is the goal for any adults-only trip! It’s worth the splurge price and without kids, you really won’t have to worry about picky eaters.

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An adult-only trip to Disney World can be just as magical, if not more, than going as a family. From early morning rides to late-night ice creams, and from impromptu dining experiences to luxurious splurges, Disney offers a plethora of activities and experiences fit for grown-ups.

Feel we missed anything? Let us know, and until then, enjoy your adult-only Disney World adventure!

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