Best Table Service Restaurants for Vegetarian and Meat-Eater Couples

I’m a carnivore and my partner is vegetarian. Eating meals around Walt Disney World includes a lot of planning on my end because it’s important for both of us to have a great experience. In the past, we’ve stuck to buffets, however on our last Disney Dining Plan Vacation to the World we did our research and came up with a list of solid options to please both of us.


Inform your server that you have a vegetarian (or Dietary Preference/Allergy) and they can get a chef to walk you through the offerings and provide you with options that you may not have known about. The signage is usually pretty basic, so this expert level of service is what puts Disney’s restaurants on a gold standard level.


This is so much more than a traditional buffet. With Disney, you’re going to find the common dishes at every location. Usually a carved meat selection of pork loin, chicken and beef next to a large selection of salads, breads, and desserts. However, Tusker House brings in an element of spice and presentation that lands it on this list.

The vegetarian options range from Samosa, Curried Rice to Tandoori Tofu and Fruit Chutneys.

Overall, you’re able to get a dining experience that actually rivals some of the resort locations for quality…and it’s right inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Buffet with Chef Walk-Through


Right off the bat, yes this is expensive. BUT if you’re looking for an experience that can cater to your personalized tastes and provide you with a memorable evening that you’ll be talking about for years after…this is it! The vegetarian meal is a full 7 or 10-course menu and at no point do you ever feel like you’re getting less than the meat-y menu.

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Seasonal Availability, but dessert is ALWAYS a good choice!

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The Magic Kingdom is sorely in need of better food options, which is where Steakhouse 71 comes in.

In addition to a great veggie exclusive meal, in the vegetable wellington, they also have an off-menu vegetarian smash burger.

Take the 5-minute walk from the turnstiles and you’ll get a great meal that will make you want to come back time and time again!

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Vegetable Wellington

#4 – The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig Menu from Disney Springs (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Fully aware that the Polite Pig is a quick service, but hear me out.

The food is ordered in a queue and guests have a seat before the food is brought out. If that’s not the dictionary definition of “table service”, then I’ll need a couple more pieces of cornbread to think it over.

PS – it’s BBQ!

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Market Sides (3 for $16)

  • Roasted Beets
  • BBQ Cauliflower
  • Grilled Street Corn


Bread Service at Tiffins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Although the full menu can be overwhelming and a little overpriced, the Bread Service was a great opportunity for vegetarian and meat-eater couples to enjoy great conversation while also enjoying the ambiance of the signature service restaurant.

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Bread Service and a shoutout to the Cauliflower

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#6 – BOMA

Boma is the buffet where a vegetarian ACTUALLY gets a better experience than a meat-eater. This is due to the abundance of spices, spreads, soups, curries and stews.  Get a chef to point out which flavour combos work well together and ask how spicy some dishes are as they walk you through the buffet.

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: The Buffet with Chef Walk-Through

#7 – SANAA

They have a full vegetarian menu! The Vegetarian Sampler provides you with selections that you’ll just dive into. Take the advice of your server, as they are able to guide you towards the best pairings.

Vegetarian Dish Recommendation is: Vegetarian Sampler

Hope this helps in your Disney trip planning! Let me know if there are other topics that you’d like to know about:)

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