Top Tips for Leaving the Magic Kingdom After Fireworks

Magic Kingdom Bus Loop
Magic Kingdom Bus Loop - Photo by Steps to Magic

Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom are absolutely breathtaking and magical! But as soon as the last mortar is shot into the sky…you and a sea of guests surrounding you on Main Street USA go from dreams into reality.

How are you going to get from the park to your hotel room?

After years of dealing with the struggle, we’ve come up with a bunch of ideas on how to skip the stress.

Top Tips for Leaving the Magic Kingdom After Fireworks

Magic Kingdom to Disney Springs Bus Transportation
Magic Kingdom to Disney Springs Bus Transportation – Photo by Steps to Magic

Do you really want to see the fireworks? Maybe it’s worth heading out before the crowds to hit the buses.

I’ve tried this before and it may seem like you’re ahead of the rest, but then you get stuck because the buses aren’t on a regular schedule.

The only time that this actually makes sense is when you’re staying at a Disney Monorail Resort, like the Polynesian Village, Contemporary or Grand Floridian.

Outside of that, you’re just taking the monorail to the Transportation & Ticket Center in order to take additional transportation.

Contemporary Resort Bus Transportation
Contemporary Resort Bus Transportation – Photo by Steps to Magic

If you’re heading to Disney Springs, it could make sense for you to walk over to the Contemporary and wait for a bus.

After many experiences, this has become the most unpredictable due to the traffic issues that come from thousands of people leaving a specific park at the same time.

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Main Street USA After Fireworks
Main Street USA After Fireworks – Photo by Steps to Magic

Everyone wants to get their last minute shopping done, so if you wanted to chill in the Magic Kingdom while everyone is in The Emporium…do it! It’ll give you the opportunity to get some great photos and the park is incredible after dark.

As soon as you’re ushered to Main Street USA, take your time and go through the shops and do some last minute souveniring! There’s no rush because as soon as you head out of the turnstiles, you’ll make your next decision.

Disney Springs Guest Drop-Off
Disney Springs Guest Drop-Off – Photo by Steps to Magic

Depending on the lines, you may want to give the direct bus route a chance. If you’re going to Pop Century, remember to also check out the Art of Animation route….pretty much going to the same place!

If the lines are still too crazy, just walk over to the Contemporary Resort and order an UBER to your final destination.

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  • Never take the Ferry Boat
  • Only take the monorail if you’re staying on the Monorail Loop
  • Don’t be in a hurry to leave the most Magical Place on Earth
  • If the lines are too crazy long, don’t be afraid to walk to the Contemporary and order an UBER

Hope this was helpful! I’ve spent a ton of time waiting for buses after the fireworks and wondered whether there was a better way. As a whole, it’s all about your tolerance for crowds and which resort you’re heading to.

After that, it’s about knowing that you’re still at the Magic Kingdom and there’s always time to wander around the park before having to go back to reality:)

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