UBER and LYFT in Disney World

Ride-sharing has taken the world by storm, and Walt Disney World Resort is no different. Services like Lyft and Uber offer choice, convenience and better values than traditional options.

As the infrastructure starts to catch up with the ever-changing app lifestyle, vacation goals for avoiding time wasters should adapt. When the Orlando International Airport approved ride-share pick ups in 2017, things got a lot easier because on top of the day to day Disney Property trips…you can now grab an UBER to the airport and back.

How to use Lyft and Uber in Disney World

Both companies have created easy and straight-forward apps for your phone in order to appeal to folks who may have never used them before.

  • Download the app
  • After install, you’ll have to input your personal details and payment information
  • Make sure that your smartphone is able to access GPS location services, and don’t be afraid to limit it to wifi zones, as sometimes travelling without a data plan is the only option.

When you first open up the ridesharing app, an updated map for your location will show up. Request a ride and then type in your pickup address. When your GPS finds your exact location, it may be worth re-directing it to the official pickup zone.

Once you review the fare estimate and you’re ready to get going….hit the “request” button and you’re good to go. The app with automatically find you a ride with the nearest driver to can accept your level of request. As most drivers are less than 10-minutes away, don’t request your ride until you’re able to see the pickup spot and ready to leave.

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“Real Talk” time, because this is a fairly new resource for travellers to use. Taxi services have been doing the same thing for years, with a huge line of cars waiting for folks at the airport and charging by distance and/or time…but that adds up to bills that just don’t make sense today.

UBER and LYFT have adapted to the current model of using technology to fill a need in the market, as folks have lost a lot of trust with the taxi industry. That being said, there’s a number of differences that we should 100% point out!

  • Ridesharing drivers are independent contractors that are driving during their spare time in order to earn extra income.
  • Taxi companies are generally using full-time drivers who are working 12+ hour shifts in order to make a living.
  • Ridesharing is cheaper, as you know exactly what the fare is BEFORE you get into the car.
  • Taxis charge per mile and are known to scam tourists by taking longer routes in order to increase their fare.
  • Ridesharing drivers are relying on reviews in order to increase their take-home payouts. This means that you’re more likely to enjoy your ride and have unique conversations than deal with a driver that’s distracted with their own phone calls…which is usually the taxi situation.
  • Ridesharing drivers also use their own vehicles, so you’re able to feel more relaxed than in a taxi cab that’s seen better days.
  • Taxi cab drivers are unknown and unaccountable, where Rideshare drivers are actually listed on the app so you know exactly what car and driver you’ll be taking. This means that if you forget something or have a positive/negative experience…there’s accountability.

Like all taxi operators, ridesharing drivers are under the same rules and regulations of the industry and have to adhere to strict standards. This means that you’re going to be finding the drop-off/pick-up points at locations that are also taxi stands or valet areas.

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Theme Parks all have designated pickup and dropoff locations, so when you type in your destination…the driver will follow the signs to know exactly where the spot is. They change often, so be prepared to be flexible, especially at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Resorts have the pickups and dropoff locations right in front of their main lobby.

Disney Springs’ pickup and dropoff location is located behind Cirque du Soleil, but this is also a flexible situation and can be adapted throughout their construction efforts.


  • If you’re going to the Magic Kingdom, pick the Contemporary Resort as your end destination and stop inside for a quick snack before walking over to the park.
  • Leaving from the theme parks after closing is incredibly stressful, so the easiest thing to do is walk to the nearest hotel and grab your rideshare from there.
    • EPCOT = Boardwalk or Yacht/Beach
    • Magic Kingdom = Contemporary
    • Hollywood Studios = Boardwalk or Yacht/Beach
    • Animal Kingdom = You’re fine!


Ridesharing is better when you get discounted fares! Every time a new rider signs up with the code dustinf334ue, they get a free ride (amount varies by location)

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