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What are Hidden Mickeys

When you google “What are Hidden Mickeys”, a basic description comes up…and it’s pretty explanatory.

“A Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction or other location in a Disney Theme Park, film/tv property or other Disney products.”

When we’re thinking about the Disney Parks, things get a little more interesting as WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) has never come out and confirmed or denied that a Hidden Mickey exists. In fact, the only acknowledgement that they even exist is that the Hidden Mickey books are available for sale in Disney retail locations.

Let’s Look at Hidden Mickeys


The most common Hidden Mickey are the three circles that come together to produce the image of Mickey’s ears and head, although some are a side profile.

Hidden Mickey’s are said to be an underground phenomenon, although if you ask a Cast Member about a specific location of a well-known HM, then there’s a chance that they’ll provide you with a few clues.

There is no definite number of Hickey Mickey’s as the parks are continuously evolving with the closing of attractions or refurbishment of locations.



At the Frontierland Pin Trading store, behind the register is a piece of rope that is hung just right to provide a little magic.

Haunted Mansion: Look on the table in the banquet scene and you’ll see the placement of the plates and saucers are in a recognizable form.

Look closely at the sign for the Jungle Cruise. Directly under the “J” are a few well-placed notches in the wood.


In the Canadian Pavilion store, there’s a fish that has a little Mickey influence.

There are three Hidden Mickey’s on the outside wall surrounding Mission:Space


In the Tower of Terror attraction, when the ride vehicle is moving forward to the elevator shaft and the doors are opening, the stars start to move. As they flicker and gravitate towards the center of the opening…look for the stars to produce the image during a split-second of imagineering gold.


In the Boneyard @ Dinoland USA, there’s a fan and two hard hats that form a Hidden Mickey.

When you’re on the Kilimanjaro Safari’s attraction, the wading pool that the Flamingos call home is actually in the shape of Mickey.

Now that you’ve got the “insider tip” to enjoy the parks even more, pick up one of the Hidden Mickey guide books on Amazon and explore away:)

So what are your favorite Hidden Mickeys in the parks? Let me know and I’ll go on an adventure to find them!!

What are Hidden Mickeys
What are Hidden Mickeys – Steps to Magic
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