Table Service Restaurants To Avoid At Walt Disney World

When you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, the choices can be overwhelming at every turn. From attractions to resorts and everything in between, the one thing that may be a stress-relief is to know that you’re not alone with feeling like every decision is a “make or break”.

This article, along with everything else at, is about creating a dialogue and conversation that everything at Disney World is not equal. In fact, I’m sure that you’ll take more from this write-up if you look at the reasons why a restaurant has made this list.

Few notes before we get to the list:

  • This list is 100% our opinion
  • The list focuses on avoidance…not “BAD”
  • We will give you a couple reasons why, but at the end of the day, we all have reasons why we ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’ restaurants.

Take this list with a grain of salt from us at Steps To Magic, as we want you to have the best experience possible during your trip to Walt Disney World!

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Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Crystal Palace is by far one of the most difficult locations to try to spin for folks who are fans of the Disney food options. I find it impossible to stand by and not share our first-hand experience of lackluster food, poor atmosphere and having our waiter essentially forget about us (until he was ready to collect the tip).

On paper, the menu is reasonable, as it’s basic American fare within a buffet atmosphere. The real fault of the experience comes from the disorganization of the check-in process. You will find the staff is overwhelmed by a number of family melt-downs. Also, guests become frustrated when they realize that they are unable to have a full table-service reservation booked for 1 pm and not be able to make it out the door for a 1:30 pm FastPass+ reservation at Splash Mountain.


If it wasn’t at the Magic Kingdom, Tony’s Town Square would be under refurbishment immediately.

The food options leave a lot to be desired, especially due to the prominent location within Main Street USA. Most guests who end up here are expecting something incredibly different than they actually get. Take note that this is one of the restaurants that is constantly available within a week of a vacation, which means that folks are using this as a last-minute reservation vs something that they are looking forward to.

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Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

For a theme park that prides itself on being uniquely designed from the ground up, bringing a chain like the Rainforest Cafe into such a prominent spot (right beside the turnstiles) is mind-blowing.

Going through the menu, you’re not actually getting anything special or unique to the location here. There’s a Sparkling Volcano, Rainforest Burger and the vast drink menu…all of which you can get at the Mall of America or Niagara Falls…or in California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois…if you get my point.

Yes, there are unique things that are only at the Disney Parks location, but there’s too much overlap for it to rival a one-of-a-kind Table Service location like Tiffins.

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Unfortunately, Nine Dragons is set up for failure due to the close proximity to amazing dining establishments around the World Showcase. Pricing aside (which is a huge deal btw), the overall concept is lacking in that “je ne sais quoi” that folks look for when they are making their Advanced Dining Reservations 180 days in the future of a memorable once-in-a-lifetime trip to Walt Disney World.

After trying this experience, you’ll emerge from your dining coma (because the food is still reasonable). Then you will realize that you could have had the choice of Le Cellier, Coral Reef, Akershus or even the quick service option of the Lotus Blossom Cafe!

It’s not an absolutely horrible option at all but keep your Table Service credits for something that you’ll want to remember years from now!

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The Hollywood and Vine has undergone so many face-lifts and tenants that it’s difficult to know what it really is anymore. The style is a mix between the other Table Service options in DHS, with the added element of a character meal. The typical American-style buffet to appease everyone in the family without giving the best of the best…nothing exciting!

Overall, it’s an overly pricey subpar meal.

Keep in mind that each location has a purpose within the overall offerings of the Disney Parks. A character dining experience is an absolute must within Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the character selection has a huge part as to why this is something that I’ve put on this list. If you’re going with young kids who are in a specific age range, then you’ve found your perfect lunch/dinner!

Did we miss any restaurants that you always avoid? What would you like to see on (or off) the list? Let us know through Social Media!

Dustin Fuhs
I’m Dustin Fuhs, a theme park fanatic that has created this platform to showcase my passion, tools and opinions to create a fun and interactive experience for everyone who visits. My goal is to help you and your family have the most magical experience at Walt Disney World. In reading my articles and ideas, I hope that you can find some fantastic ways to bring your dreams into reality!

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