Disney Attractions that we would LOVE to Dine in

My ultimate Disney dining dream experience wouldn’t be something that has a restaurant component already, because that’s not fun! A dream is a wish that your heart makes, when you’re starving (I think that’s how it goes).

This list is all about the phone call that I’m waiting for (every day) from those at the Walt Disney Company who read our site and are in the mood to make a wish come true!

Let’s start out with the obvious and gradually increase the stakes/steaks.


Cinderella Castle
Cinderella Castle – Photo by Steps to Magic

Dining in Cinderella’s Castle is pretty awesome, and as it’s an attraction (according to Disney’s website), it deserves a spot on the list. Now, I’m not talk about Cinderella’s Royal Table. This is all about the dream suite!

When I was with the company, it was part of the Year of a Million Dreams celebration, which meant that Cast Members weren’t eligible to win (it’s ok, we had our own “backstage magic”). If I had the opportunity to dine in the castle, that would be the location!


The treehouse makes the list because there’s already a table set up. All that would have to happen is a simple picnic basket filled with some goodies (and a Dole Whip) and we’re good!


Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise – Photo by Steps to Magic

Granted, the concept has been created across the path at Skipper Canteen, but I think that the campground scene is just waiting for a ‘Wild Africa Trek’ style experience.

Disney’s always looking for synergy, so when you put together a picnic meal in an attraction that doesn’t have a retail component…why not add a little extra revenue source to the area?


Haunted Mansion Sign
Haunted Mansion Sign – Photo by Steps to Magic

This is a gimmie, but let’s talk for a second about the best spot in the Haunted Mansion to have a meal. Yes, the dining room is already set up, but I think that the graveyard scene would absolutely take things to a whole different level.

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There are a couple fun scenes that you could dine in without actually impacting the story…like the pirate ship after the first drop OR on the bridge that overlooks the gentleman who’s bathing in the mud with the kittens.

There are a bunch reasons why we would love to dine in the attraction at Walt Disney World, but really…we could always just head to Disneyland and get a reservation at the Blue Bayou;)


When you make your way to the top of Spaceship Earth, just before you turn around for your decent…there’s a GIANT area that would make a great spot for a meal. It’d have to be in the dark, but there are plenty of options that you


With size of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, you would think that they would have an epic dining room. Maybe not along the lines of a Victoria & Alberts, but definitely a signature restaurant deserves to be on the tour!

IF we’re talking about the current attraction without moving anything, I think it would be hilarious to have a single table available in the transition from the load area to the elevator shaft (the room with the mirrors), because it would catch everyone off guard…and you could completely play into the story!

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This is probably the easiest addition, but I’m sure that there is a market for a dining package that included 3 or 4 trips around the track without having sweating it! Most of us already snack on the attraction, so why not find that “hidden revenue source” that the executives are always looking for?

This was a fun list to make! What do you think? Are there attractions that you would dine in?

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