Hidden Gems of EPCOT

EPCOT is filled with details that allow guests to escape reality and take a wander through a theme park that spans over 300 acres! From attractions designed to make you think to experiences that will grow your understanding of the world…this is a Disney Park that will really open your eyes to the skill of Disney Imagineering.


Test Track Car Racing
Test Track Car Racing – Photo by Steps to Magic

After you’ve finished with Test Track, you’ll head down the ramp and through the showcase area…and located just around the corner is a hidden gem that I can’t get enough of! Scan your MagicBand on the dashboard and your pre-designed car will be placed in the middle of a video game, along with all the traits that you focused on prior to hitting the SimTrack. Pretty cool eh?

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Club 33

Club 33 at EPCOT’s American Adventure Pavilion – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

The pinnacle of Hidden Gems at any Disney theme park are the things in plain sight that you’ve got questions about. Club 33 is one of those experiences that when you’re in the “know” – you’ll understand!


Spaceship Earth
Spaceship Earth – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

There are 11,324 individual triangles that make up the geodesic sphere that we all mistake for a giant golf ball!

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These talented acapella singers are found performing in the rotunda of the American Adventure, which is unofficially known as the American Pavilion. The 15-minute performances are mixed with classic Americana favorites with Disney classics sprinkled throughout.


Sun Dial in the France Pavilion
Sun Dial in the France Pavilion – Photo by Steps to Magic

Most folks think that France is just for food, and you’d be half right! There’s a few awesome hidden spots around the pavilion that you could walk right past and wouldn’t even notice. Like the sun dial that overlooks the hedge maze. It’s all about the details!

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Weebo in the Imagination Pavilion
Weebo in the Imagination Pavilion – Photo by Steps to Magic

If you remember Flubber, one of Robin William’s greatest movies (in my personal opinion), you’ll want to know that his invention Weebo is actually on display in the queue line of Journey into Imagination with Figment! It’s worth heading through the line just to see this classic character, who by the way, was voiced by Jodi Benson!

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Hope that you had fun with this introduction to the Hidden Gems of EPCOT!

Remember that any Disney theme park around the world is filled with nods, hat tips and full-out homages to anything that the Imagineers want to include. It’s part of the reason why Disney fans have so much fun finding something new to share with their friends!

Just a note that I’ll be keeping this article updated as best as possible, but just remember that all the parks at Walt Disney World are undergoing an expansion projects and things change and evolve. This is completely true for EPCOT:)

If there’s something I should add to this list, please let me know! I’m always adding things to articles:)

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