How to get the Most out of Memory Maker at Disney World

Memory Maker is a product that you can buy at Walt Disney World, which gives you unlimited digital Photopass photos captured throughout the resort by way of photographers, on-ride photos and so many more opportunities.

Once you know the difference between Photopass (the service) and Memory Maker (the product), it’ll be easier to describe the pros and cons of the purchase price. One is the photographer and the other is the photo that they take…as it’s all about getting the best memories from your vacation!

What is Memory Maker at Disney World


  • Unlimited digital downloads of all your Disney Photopass photos AND videos
  • Select on-ride attraction photos AND videos
  • Select Character dining photos (VERY select;))
  • Discounts on prints of your photos
  • Magic Shots – which features the addition of “Disney Magic” to your photos.


  1. Disney Photopass photographers take your photo in iconic locations
  2. You scan your MagicBand, which links your photos to your Disney account.
  3. You download them.

For More info, you can check the official Disney Website for pricing and details!

Pretty easy right? It’s a fairly straight-forward product & service, so where does the article start to get juicy? Right now!

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Tips on How to get the Most out of Memory Maker

Disney Photopass Photographer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Image: Dustin Fuhs)


When you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…you’re going to be more energetic and it’ll come through in your photos. In addition, the earlier that you get to a location, the less that you’ll have to wait in line.


Want to get a photo on Main Street USA with Cinderella Castle in the background? Well you’ll have your choice of around 5-10 photographers that are spread out all up and down Main Street. Pick the smallest line and you should be golden.


If you open up your My Disney Experience App, you’ll be able to see where all the photographers are stationed. In addition, you’ll be able to stumble upon random roaming photographers that you can ask for photos in completely awesome spots….so keep an eye out.

Disney Photopass Photographer at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

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This is a fun tip, because who wants to be wearing the exact same outfit in hundreds of photos? Bring a couple extra shirts, accessories or hats/ears and switch them out during the day. This will allow you to have more variety on photos, in addition to getting out of potentially sweaty tops (because no one will share photos with sweat stains lol!)


As a photographer, I’m all about catching fun and unique poses that we may want to use in future articles and scrapbooks. That being said, Disney’s Photopass Photographers are hit or miss with creativity and usually err on the side of classic instead of fun.

POSE BINGO is a concept that I came up with years ago, with each photo location having a potential of multiple looks.

  • Jump!
  • Arms Crossed
  • Back to photographer and turn your head to face the camera
  • Jazz hands!
  • Thumbs up / back2back
  • Linkedin Portfolio – tilt your head to the side and smile like you’re looking at a dole whip;)
Disney World Photopass Engagement (Image: Dustin Fuhs)


If you want to do a unique pose – ask your photographer to take a couple more. Remember that everyone who’s waiting in line will NEVER see you again!


The last thing that you want to do is have buyers remorse because you didn’t get a photo because you had to run for a reservation. Stop and get the photo…it’ll take a couple seconds and will provide a lifetime of memories!


With so much emphasis being put on the technology of adding characters and extra “magic” to photos…you should always ask your photographer if they have access to a Magic Shot. Why? Because you never know!

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5 Reasons Why Memory Maker Isn’t For You

Photopass Photographers in the Magic Kingdom (Image: Dustin Fuhs)


The price doesn’t change if you’re getting Memory Maker for one night or 7 nights. This means that for the smaller trips, it may not be a good “deal”.


There are folks who really don’t like their photo being taken, or like me…they’d rather be ‘behind the camera’. If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance that after one or two Photopass photos, you’ll be good for the entire trip. Don’t worry – no judgements!


Seeing the lineups for Photopass Photographers can put some folks off from buying the Memory Maker package, but that just means that you’ll have to double-back for certain locations. Keep in mind that Disney World is very weird with lines…as once someone lines up, it’s a domino effect.

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When you’re in the Magic Kingdom, you’re not going to be alone on Main Street USA. It just won’t happen. Disney PR is so good at creating this image that you’ll be walking hand-in-hand with Mickey Mouse, but it just doesn’t happen.

If you want to have an empty backdrop, you should head to Disney Springs’ Photopass Photo Studio, but some people get upset when there are other people in their photos.


This is a big one, because it’s kind of misleading. When you’re arriving at a character dining meal, like Akershus or Chef Mickeys, you’re invited to take a photopass photo at the beginning of your meal with a backdrop. The actual meet & greets during your meal are NOT with a Photopass photographer.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions or ideas for this topic or any other, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our Facebook Page!

Dustin Fuhs
I’m Dustin Fuhs, a theme park fanatic that has created this platform to showcase my passion, tools and opinions to create a fun and interactive experience for everyone who visits. My goal is to help you and your family have the most magical experience at Walt Disney World. In reading my articles and ideas, I hope that you can find some fantastic ways to bring your dreams into reality!

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