Best Queue Lines at Walt Disney World

Not only are lines inevitable at Walt Disney World, but there are some really lame experiences that are sticking around in plain sight directly across from the best of the best. As the Imagineers have started to tackle various “scene one” projects, the quality and care that are going into lines have really stepped up the game.

There are still a few attractions that make you jealous and actually make you want to stand in line…but let’s be honest…it’s still awesome to walk by as you’re using your FastPass+ reservation!


By far and away some of the best work ever done to set the theme for the story that you’re about to take part in, the Pirate of the Caribbean queue line is dark, damp and eerie. When you step through the gates of Adventureland, the details start to jump out at you.

Look to the ground with the unique walkway, the roof with amazing details and of course…all the cannon balls are hidden right in front of you.

We also have the opportunity to see one of my personal favourite, the “Chess Game Trapped in Perpetual Check”. There has been plenty of photo evidence shared that actually disproves the original story that Marc Davis, a Disney Legend Imagineer, wanted to have the pirates stuck in a never-ending game. In reality, the game has been disturbed and no one has the original drawing that Marc created…so every time you go in, the game may be in a different layout. Still an amazing detail!


I’ve been known to write certain articles (like this one) while listening to the attraction soundtrack of the Haunted Mansion. It inspires me to showcase my passion for the details that draws me to the theme park industry!

The mansion has a couple sections of the queue, and they all have details that set it apart from other attractions in the Magic Kingdom.

I could go into all the details here, or we could let the team at Disney Imagineering take you through a tour!

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When the attraction opened up in the New Fantasyland expansion, most guests just assumed that it would be a basic show that would only be for the kids…

Well they would be wrong. For a lot of the guests, we grew up with Beauty and the Beast and the characters are as much a part of our childhood as kids today with ‘Frozen’.

The queue takes you on a journey into the life of Belle and her family, and the details are everywhere!
The Imagineers did a video for this queue as well, and it’ll definitely make you want to put this on your itinerary when you’re next at the Magic Kingdom.


Don’t worry about getting a FastPass for this gem, because you won’t need it. What’s interesting though is the number of hidden nods to the story of the attraction, including a cameo from the one and only WEEBO!


The Imagineers designed the updated Test Track queue line for guests like me, although I like to think that they designed it for me personally…I’m realistic on my expectations;)

Imagine being able to design your own car from scratch, then watch it perform against everyone else during the attraction and in the post-show sponsored content…well that’s what happens!

The goal of any ‘Scene One’ is to bring the guests into the story, and there’s nothing more fun than seeing your creation go head to head out on the Sim-Track.

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Have to admit it, but my Netflix account is filled with a search history regarding Bigfoot and other expedition adventures in the real world.

The queue line at Expedition Everest is filled with back-story of a mountain climbers who came face-to-face with something that they couldn’t explain. Does this mean that the Yeti exists? Well when you walk through the queue at this attraction, you’re going to see footprints, photographs and other ‘evidence’ that may have you second guessing everything that you’ve read online;)

In addition to the skeptics side, there’s also hundreds of artifacts directly from the villages and locals who inhabit the terrain surrounding the mountains in Nepal. The Imagineers have such an incredible role to play, and our friends at Attractions Magazine had the opportunity to walk through the attraction with an Imagineer. The video is below


The details as you walk up the main walkway, passing the overgrown foliage and the cobwebs in the windows…just awe-inspiring.

Keep in mind that there are two elements to the queue line at the Tower of Terror. There’s the hotel section, in which you get to see the front desk and the library. From there, you venture deep into the heart of the hotel…down into the boiler room before you take the elevator to your room.

The dust, the statues and the feeling like you should just turn back and get another reservation from;)

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My love for this attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios comes from the fact that I had the opportunity to see the grand opening and cast previews, and saw the details that went in to create such a solid queue experience.

The story behind TSMM is that you’re shrunk down to the size of one of Andy’s toys, and while you’re busy taking in all the nods to the childhood games of our past…you catch a glimpse of one of the most advanced audio-animatronic figures that WDI has ever produced. Mr. Potato Head is worth skipping the FastPass+ line just by itself!

Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know through Social Media @StepsToMagic

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