The Best Quick Service Dining at Universal Orlando Resort

Simpsons Fast Food Blvd
Simpsons Fast Food Blvd - Photo by Steps to Magic

When you step into the Universal Orlando Resort, outside of attractions and meeting Woody Woodpecker…you’re probably thinking about your next meal!

Setting out to write this article was actually pretty fun for me because unlike Walt Disney World, you don’t have to choose from 400+ dining locations…which helps deciding which are the best and what you should avoid.

The Best Quick Service Dining at Universal Orlando Resort

Please note that this is not a ranking. Dining is 100% subjective and there’s no way for me to tell anyone what they will enjoy and not enjoy. Take this as a starting point for your vacation planning:)

Leaky Cauldron
Leaky Cauldron – Photo by Steps to Magic

Dark and grubby-looking, this hidden dining establishment in Diagon Alley is actually a place that folks can walk right past without even knowing what’s inside.

From Bangers & Mash to the Toad in the Hole, you’re going to find classic English pub fare that may (or may not) appeal to all pallets. Just know beforehand to check the menu and if all you end up doing is grabbing a Butterbeer and soaking in some air conditioning and theming…you’re completely on the right track!

Harry Potter and British cuisine…just accept it and give it a shot!

Shepherd’s Pie, Potato Leek Soup and various platters are available, but the best part about this restaurant is the hidden outdoor seating area in the back. Remember that all parts of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter reflect the imagination of JK Rowling and her universe!

Comic Strip Cafe
Comic Strip Cafe – Photo by Steps to Magic

Okay, so if what you’re looking for is a place where you can get burgers, salads, hot dogs, Chinese food and pizzas…look no further than the Comic Strip Cafe!

This used to be my go-to spot before the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth putting on your list of quick service locations to check out.

Krusty Burger
Krusty Burger – Photo by Steps to Magic

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you just HAVE to eat at the food court in Springfield USA!

We’ve been known to pick the line of least resistance, so know ahead of time what to look forward to.

  • Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror (veggie/healthy)
  • Luigi’s (Pizza)
  • The Frying Dutchman (Seafood)
  • Cletus’ Chicken Shack (really?)
  • Krusty Burger
  • Flaming Moe’s

Because it’s cafeteria-style, your party is able to stand in different lines for food and then meet at the cash register and pay for everything at once. This means that you can get your Flaming Moe (they don’t have the Flaming Homer…I’ve asked), Ribwich and maybe a salad before sitting in the dining area and watching a loop of classic Simpsons episodes!

Remember to keep your Flaming Moe’s cup as a souvenir!

Mels Drive-In
Mels Drive-In – Photo by Steps to Magic

Milkshakes and drive-in fare await you if you’re feeling hungry AND want to stay in the heart of the theme parks!

This is usually my backup if there are massive lines in Springfield.

CityWalk Hot Dog Hall of Fame
CityWalk Hot Dog Hall of Fame – Photo by Steps to Magic
  • Panda Express
  • Red Oven Pizza Bakery
  • Hot Dog Hall of Fame
  • Burger King Whopper Bar
  • Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoopendous
  • Marvel Character Dinner
  • Mythos (Table Service & Reservations Required)
  • Thunder Falls Terrace
  • Finnegan’s Bar & Grill
  • Richter’s Burger Co.
  • Lombard’s Seafood Grille (Table Service & Reservations Required)
  • Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe

With over 125 dining locations on property, you’re able to choose your budget and cuisine without really over-stressing. Because we’re usually on the lookout for a vegetarian-friendly menu, it’s more of a challenge but it’s taken us to locations that we most likely wouldn’t have tried.

That’s why it’s all about doing your research ahead of time and knowing where you want to eat and what menus just aren’t appealing. Don’t worry – it’s all about your taste and not about popular opinion:)

Best Quick Service Dining at Universal Orlando Resort - #StepstoMagic
Best Quick Service Dining at Universal Orlando Resort – #StepstoMagic
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