Hidden Pascals at the Magic Kingdom

Disney Imagineers are a crafty bunch of folks! When they were presented with a blank canvas for an area of Fantasyland that needed some much needed love after the Skyway building was demolished…the ideas started to run wild.

Part of the re-imagining of the area included a creek and green space, so here comes the fun!

Let’s start out by saying that there are 10 Hidden Pascals in the Tangled Rest-Area in Fantasyland

I won’t post photos of too many of the spots, because they are fun to find! You’ll have to look everywhere in the rest-area…not just in the green space.

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Hidden Pascal at the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Dustin Fuhs
  1. There’s a poster for Vladamir – Look up into the flower boxes!
  2. Stand by the “Look for friends of Pascal in the scenery” sign and turn your eyes to the bridge on your left. You’ll see a friend looking right back at you on the rock!
  3. On the other side of the water, there’s a rock with an indentation…there you’ll discover a set of eyes that blend in perfectly to the moss covered surroundings.
  4. Look at the sign again. Straight across from you, you’ll see a boulder…on the right side is a boulder-colored Pascal hiding from everyone.
  5. On the backside of Momento Mori, you’ll see three flower boxes. Someone’s hiding underneath the second one.
  6. Along with charging stations, there are lights everywhere. On a lightpost that’s directly beside the “charging stump” is a Pascal that’s hiding at the top.
  7. The next one takes you to the bridge that’s right beside Momento Mori. Look towards Rapunzel’s Tower and you’ll see a number of rocks on the far right hand side of the creek….and presto! Don’t worry, Pascal won’t be as excited that you found him – so try to act cool!
  8. Another one from the bridge. Look towards the washroom and then shift your eyes straight down. There’s a bush on top of a couple of rocks…and he’s camouflaged right in!
  9. Number 9 takes us to the connection of the two buildings that make up Momento Mori, closest to the Haunted Mansion. You’ll be looking at the non-beige building by the roof and the drain pipe. He’s pretty well hidden, but you should be able to find the little guy!
  10. This one is almost impossible to find, but I’ll do my best to describe where to look. There’s a tree beside a lightpost…and he’s hiding at the exact same height as the lightpost on said tree. Sometimes you just have to explore a little bit;)

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Walt Disney World is all about the hidden gems and the details that the Imagineers have put for their guests to find. Not every guest is going to know about every single gem, so when folks find out about the more popular ones (like Hidden Mickeys, for example) they are more likely to keep looking for more and give an ice breaker to talk to a Cast Member.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility (hehe Spiderman)…so sharing this information is perfectly fine, but don’t spoil it for folks who are honestly trying to find the Hidden Pascals. If they’re lost…point them in the right direction and see if they can find what you already know:)

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Hope this helped with Trip Planning for your next Disney World Vacation!

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