Disney World Stores with a Show

When you think about Disney World, the entertainment is everywhere! Attractions, live performances, fireworks and even dining. Did you know that there are retail locations that should be included in that list?


Not only can you buy hand-blown glass creations at multiple locations on property (Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT), but if you’re in the right spot at the right time…you can see a live demonstration!


Staying at Disney Springs, one of my favorite spots to catch a live performance is at Goofy’s Candy Co! Watch a plain apple be transformed into a less-er healthy candy apple.

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One of the largest stores at EPCOT, the Mitsukoshi Department store in Japan has a huge selection of authentic merchandise to browse. One of the coolest highlights in my opinion is the “Pick a Pearl” kiosk, in which a cast member opens up pearls from oysters in giant tanks around the area. 100% worth spending some time to see the presentation!


The best Disney movies are hand-drawn…there I said it!

If you had the chance to watch a live demonstration of classic animation characters coming to life with air conditioning…why wouldn’t you? When the add in the ability to purchase a hand-drawn character piece for your home, it’s even better!

This experience can be found at all Art of Disney locations, but the best set-up is at Disney Springs because they’ve got screens to show off the skills from above.

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One of the coolest personalized souvenirs at Walt Disney World is the silhouette art, which is found in the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and Disney Springs. The skills from the artist will just make you want to watch over and over!

I know that this is a tradition for some families, as it allows them to watch their family grow from vacation to vacation…so keep that in mind if you wanted to support this lost art of handmade silhouettes!

Final Thoughts

Remember that Disney is all about creating magic! From the artists who bring their skills to the public with a stroke of a pencil to the cast members who are bringing an apple to life with chocolate and caramel…it’s all part of the vacation experience. Take it in and really enjoy your trip!

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