Disney Movies That Need an Attraction at Disney World

One of my favorite pastimes is to go through the list of Disney Movies and play “armchair imagineer” to come up with attractions for franchises that are currently not in the parks.

This list is a starting point to realize that not every Disney movie is actually at the Vacation Kingdom! In fact, there’s more potential for awesome experiences than we could ever put in a single list. This list is by no means an exhaustive list…more of a starting point:)

Disney Movies That Need an Attraction at Disney World


Brother Bear is my favorite Disney movie. #FunFact about me, but I’m going to be as honest as possible…I miss the Kenai & Koda meet and greet at the Canadian Pavilion!
Attraction Idea: Water flume ride
Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom


The only representation in the parks is the meet & greet with Baloo and King Louie
Attraction Idea: Dark Ride
Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Outside of the Easter meet and greet with Thumper and Ms Bunny, there’s really nothing to speak of
Attraction Idea: Soarin’ style experience
Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom


They even took the Marie meet & greet out of the parks
Attraction Idea: A Philharmagic experience where you’re in the music from the film.


Outside of the random meet & greets with Robin Hood, Sheriff of Nottingham and King John…nadda!
Attraction Idea: A VR Experience where they teach you to shoot bow & arrows.
Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom


The last that we saw of the characters from Meet the Robinsons was at the Villains Tonight after hours event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, when the Bowler Hat Guy made an appearance.
Attraction Idea: Let’s just bring them into the parks! It was a popular movie!!


With Hades being the most popular villain, it’s still mind-boggling that they don’t at least have the “Villains: Tonight” stage show from Disney Cruise Line in the parks. No Herc, Meg, Phil or Pain & Panic…
Attraction Idea: Broadway Stage Show
Park: Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Try to find merchandise in Walt Disney World…I dare ya!
Attraction Idea: Avatar-style where you get onto a windsurfer
Park: Magic Kingdom


When a movie is all animals, it could be seen as challenging to have them represented….until you look at the fact that Mickey is a Mouse;)
Attraction Idea: Dark ride where you learn about friendship
Park: Frontierland at Magic Kingdom


He was a meet & greet character back in the day, but just like so many others – he’s just for special occasions
Attraction Idea: Bolt was all about the movies, so putting together a Muppetvision 3D show could be fun
Park: Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Disneyland has Mr Toad….we have a statue in the Haunted Mansion pet cemetary
Attraction Idea: We want the Mr Toad Dark Ride from Disneyland!
Park: Magic Kingdom


Cruella de Vil is incredibly popular as a meet & greet experience at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but no other mention of this franchise is available in the parks.
Attraction Idea: Radiator Springs Racers style attraction where you’re travelling through the snow to save the puppies from Cruella!
Park: Magic Kingdom


Let’s be honest, this is arguably the most underrated Disney film in the entire catalogue. No meet & greets, no merchandise, no anything!
Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Way back when, Pocahontas was everywhere in the Animal Kingdom! Now, she’s been relegated to a basic Meet & Greet.
Park: Magic Kingdom


Park: Magic Kingdom


Probably the best representation of a warrior throughout the entire list, Mulan deserves so much more than a simple princess meet & greet in the China Pavilion at EPCOT. In fact, she’s very rarely in her warrior outfit…so a huge loss there!
Park: Magic Kingdom or EPCOT


No love for Kuzco? The only thing that actually resembles the movie is that Patrick Warburton, who is the voice of Kronk, is also the star of the pre-show at Soarin’ in EPCOT

Keep in mind that this is just a starting point, as I’m a fan of having as many Disney franchises at Walt Disney World as possible! #KeepTheMagicAlive

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