Extinct Live Music from Walt Disney World

Going through my YouTube playlist of things to listen as I’m writing articles for StepsToMagic.com is packed with tunes that you actually can’t find in Walt Disney World anymore. In fact, there’s a list amazing groups that performed in the theme parks that entertained literally thousands of people day-in and day-out that are gone…but not forgotten!

Here’s a list of awesome Live Music Groups that performed at Disney World


Always remember the mid-1980’s with one of the most musically gifted group of talented performers that ever played in the Disney Parks! I’m not going to be able to over-sell these landscapers any more than just suggesting that you watch the video and if you like it…remember that these guys are still playing together!

Under the name American Martian, you can find a lineup that consists of the former bandmates that brought it to the Streets of America BEFORE Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge was all the rage;)


Who would have thought that a Celtic rock band with bagpipes would show up on this list, but remember that I worked at Walt Disney World back in 2007/08 and listened to the skills of Off Kilter each and every single day for hours on end!


EPCOT has gone through a number of changes over the years, with some of the budget cuts being targeted at the entertainers who brought a level of immersive experience that can’t be replicated. The British Invasion were a cover band that could be heard throughout the World Showcase and even if they weren’t everyone’s cup of tea…they were still incredibly talented!


You wouldn’t know that an acapella group would show up to warm up the crowd before Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage until it was literally half over!

Remember with Disney it’s all about the story – so having a group of sound technicians who ended up taking “requests” would make this list…but here they are!

As Walt Disney World is a constantly-evolving vacation destination, you’re bound to have contracts and changes in budgets. This is why I’m more than excited to share this list and let you know that I’ll continue to add to it as often as possible:) Can’t go wrong with more Disney music on your YouTube playlist!

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