Unofficial Rules at Walt Disney World

There are official and unofficial rules when visiting at Disney Park.

Basic and common sense requests like no flash photography and keeping your hands and arms in the ride vehicle. From there, we go to attraction-specific requests, like no video recording in movie-based experiences (like Avatar Flight of Passage)…but then there’s a list of ones that you won’t find on the official Disney World website.

Please note that these aren’t meant to be confrontational, but knowing ahead of time that Disney World is for everyone can solve so many disagreements.


I get it – kids can’t see over the the crowd and thus can’t get the full experience, so maybe you want to get them taller without moving. All of a sudden you’re creating a domino effect of epic levels that you’ve never seen before.

Not only are you creating a 9 foot person for everyone behind you to now deal with right before the fireworks or parade, because waiting til the last minute prevents sore backs but also puts everyone into a negative mood. Can you imagine waiting for an hour in a spot to get a great view of the experience just to have someone change that with no possible chance to move? That’s happened to me and it’s not fun!

What’s the best way to get around this? Find a spot right behind an obstacle (garbage can, flower bed, etc) and you won’t have anyone in front of your child. If this isn’t a possibility, please get to the performance early and find a spot.

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This is incredibly important when you’re thinking about the sheer number of strollers that are rollin around the theme parks.

  • There is designated stroller parking. Use it because if you don’t, there’s a really good chance that your stroller won’t be there when you get back. It’s a safety issue and cast members are instructed to move any strollers that are left in un-designated areas to prevent build-ups
  • Please don’t let your kid steer the stroller. If they can’t see over the handles, then why are you giving them the keys to run into my ankles?
  • Don’t be upset when someone is moves your stroller if it’s outside of the area. They’re not stealing from you…it’s because they may want a photo opp.


Please don’t fall trap to living behind a screen when you are actually putting external light into an attraction…like the Haunted Mansion! If you’ve ever been next to a doombuggy that’s filled with someone who wants to be cool, it’s frustrating because having commentary and lame jokes just doesn’t work.

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Walt Disney World is a family-friendly environment. When you are utilizing language that isn’t becoming of the little ears around you, then maybe you’re not respecting the scenario. 100% not saying that you have to censor yourself, because Netflix and Facebook exists…but use common sense.

OH, and the funny thing that’s happened so many times during my time at the parks. Imagine being called something unpleasant in a language that you’re assumed to NOT speak…but you can;) Never assume that just because the person in front of you doesn’t look a specific way that they don’t understand the language…because you’re only going to show your ignorance.


Unless you’re using an official childcare service, cast members aren’t paid to watch your kids while you go on a ride or grab food. They have a role to perform and making sure that kids don’t run off isn’t top of mind. In fact, cast members are required to call security as soon as they see children without adults present.

Did you know that you can use Rider Switch if your kids can’t ride with you?

If a child does not meet the height requirement or a Guest does not wish to board a particular attraction, no problem! With Rider Switch, one adult can wait with the non-rider (or riders) while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding Guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again!

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The best unofficial rule is actually an elementary school “golden rule”…and it’s about remaining calm and respectful of those around you.

Did an attraction go down and had to be re-started? Don’t tell the cast member at the front of the ride that they ruined your vacation. It doesn’t help anything because it’s not like they were the one who did it!

Was there a mistake with a food order? First off…you should be using Mobile Order (and those problems are easy to fix). But in the end, you should explain the situation in a calm and respectful manner because yelling at the cast member behind the counter how they forgot a chocolate milk in your order isn’t nice.

PLUS – on the ordering thing – I’ve seen a kid order a soda, saw his brother order a chocolate milk and tell their dad that he ordered a milk too! When you order in advance with Mobile Ordering, the entire family has a say AND there’s a screen that proves who gets what.


I know…typical Canadian thing to put on a list, but it’s important when you’re thinking about unofficial rules that it begins with your interactions with others. If someone does something for you, acknowledge it as it reinforces that behaviour! #iAmCanadian 😉

Hope this helps with your Disney World Vacation! There’s so much that goes into a trip and it’s important to keep things in perspective and create the most magical memories possible!

Unofficial Rules at Walt Disney World
Dustin Fuhs
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