The 40320 Piece Ravensburger Disney Puzzle

Ever wanted to really sink your entire creative thought process into a single project? Well here it is!

After seeing a number of posts online about this behemoth of a puzzle, I had to search to see if it was real AND what the specs were.

  • It is Real
  • It is HUGE! 22.3′ x 6.2′ (in feet)
  • 40,320 pieces (with softclick technology)


Pick it up on Amazon today!



When I find a series, it’s just natural to want them all. This is why our puzzle collection has gotten larger, as every trip to Walt Disney World sees us adding a new piece to the bookshelf. After a while though, the producers aren’t making new puzzles with the frequency of the trips…so I’m left looking for other ways to get my Disney puzzles.


Completing a puzzle that has over 40k pieces is 100% a challenge!

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Theme park fans are always looking for the latest & greatest souvenir to show off on social media. From Pop Vinyl to Pins, Patches and Books…we all have collections that are bought in order to bring happiness to our own space. This just seems like the next level of “wow, I can’t believe you bought that!”


I found it by doing a simple google search, and hey…it’s on Amazon!

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