20 Items to Buy Online Before Your Next Disney Trip

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive. From the hotel to the transportation, the food to the souvenirs that you’re going to end up buying…it all adds up.

That being said, there are ways to keep your vacation spending within reason by pre-ordering stuff online. This way, when you’re in the Magic Kingdom and need sunscreen because it’s HOT, it’s already in your bag because you did an Amazon order the month before.


Everyone sleeps differently, but one of the top things that we can speak to is how unpredictable your resort room will be at night. From noisy neighbours to air conditioners that have a life of their own (like in Brave Little Toaster)…but this is a game-changer for folks!

My goal isn’t to share a specific color or model, because everyone has a different preference…but here’s where you can check out the many options!


Technology is becoming a larger part of our travel habits. From personal experience, the number of hotel rooms that are severely under performing with their outlet game…well you have to take things into your own hands. That’s where the travel power strip comes in!

Multiple outlets, multiple USB ports and a perfect size to stash in your suitcase – all things to consider before picking up the strip that works for you!

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Nerdy Disney shirts are a must have for your Disney vacation. We already put together a whole bunch of our favorites over here! The possibilities are endless on this one! Check out our recommended Disney Collection of tee shirts.


They are the perfect shoe to wear in the Parks because they dry out so fast and they are super comfy. Each one of Sanuk’s shoes has yoga mat bottoms, squishy, comfy goodness! Check out their endless color options here!


This has saved my life a couple times, because who wants to be sticky while on vacation? Napkins are adequate for certain things, but we live in a world where Dole Whip’s are made to order and may get a little messy.

The best thing to do is to stop over at the Dollar Store before your trip, but there are a ton of options on Amazon as well!


It rains in Florida. Sometimes, it’s a light sprinkling where a poncho would suffice…but then there are torrential rainstorms that will require something a little more heavy duty!

The last thing that you want to do is waste your hard earned vacation dollars on a park umbrella when you can be prepared with a style that’s unbreakable! Please remember to do your research on this one specifically, as there are various sizes and styles out there.

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You’re going to be away from your hotel room for most of the day…especially if you’re like us and LOVE theme parks! Well what happens when you want to take a refresher midday and aren’t at your resort?

Pack a Mini Travel Toothbrush in your bag! These are pre-pasted toothbrushes, with no rinsing required and are single-use disposable.


This is a must-have because of all the surfaces that you’ll come into contact with. From attraction queue lines to meeting characters – why not be prepared to sanitize your hands (especially before having a meal). Pick up a Disney Character inspired holder for your kids!


One of the best pin trading tips we have to buy a lot of these Disney trading pins ahead of time and trade them in the parks. Pins at Walt Disney World can range from $12 to $18 which is pretty steep if your intent is to trade. Pick up this no duplicate lot here.

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Have I mentioned yet about hot it gets here in Florida during the summer months? Portable fan VERY smart idea! The ones that are bulky and misting that they sell you in the parks will set you back around $18. This fan is much smaller, takes up less room and runs off those backup batteries you can use for your phone too!


You don’t want to get stuck buying this one at the resort due to Disney’s steep upcharge. It’s sunny more often than not here in Florida this is a MUST pack item.


With all that walking you’re going to get in around the parks your going to need a healthy supply of snacks. If you are looking to save money or want some back ups for your hotel room I highly recommend packing some snacks. We are big fans of granola bars, Gogo Squeeze and Pop Tarts.

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Water Bottles are becoming a huge part of your vacation, to the extent that we’ve actually got a full article about them over here. That being said, let’s look at the current trend…

Collapsible bottles allow you to pack them without too much stress, fill them when you want them and then re-collapse them for easy travel. With a variety of price ranges and colors, you’re able to really play with style! My big recommendation is to order early and then try it out at home before taking it down to the parks…because defects happen in mass-produced items.

Or you can just grab a Swell and you’ll be fine! Keep the cold water cold and don’t worry! We’ve got the Teakwood style because having a design vs a straight color will hide the dings n scratches.

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Don’t leave your family out when traveling! We love bringing this headphone splitter along with us on a trip, especially when flying so we can watch a movie together.

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It rains a lot in Florida and it’s always a smart idea to carry one these ponchos in your bag at all times. It seems that pop up storms are a central Florida specialty.


The autograph book is essential for a trip to Walt Disney World! Huge fan of the classic style, and why not buy before hand vs having to get it in the parks?

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This is our favorite external battery to bring to the parks with us. It can charge our iPhones about 4 times before it runs out! None of our other battery packs can say that much. This item tops our list because you don’t want to be in the parks with a dead phone.

You want in line entertainment and obviously to capture all your vacation memories. Get this battery here.

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What items are your must haves for your Disney vacation? Anything we are missing on our list? Let us know via social media @StepstoMagic!

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