What You Should Know About Disney’s Minnie Van Service

**Update: Due to the pandemic, Minnie Van has been discontinued for the near future and the cast members have been re-assigned or furloughed.**

At the D23 Expo, guests were treated to an announcement that Cast Members had been working on for months in secret, the Minnie Van Service.

It’s a point-to-point transportation service in which guests arrange their own private “Minnie Van” from the LYFT App and are driven where ever they want to go on Disney property.

The vehicles are adorable! They bring to life the personality of Minnie Mouse in each van, with a very distinct look.


The vans accommodates up to 6 guests and is equipped with 2 car seats.

When first announced, it was a flat $25 fee to use the service. *The price was raised from $20 in February 2018.

The current pricing through the website states:

  • “Prices vary based on distance traveled from pick-up location to requested destination within Walt Disney World Resort.
  • You’ll see the total cost and pay for the service conveniently through the Lyft app.”

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The big difference is that with Minnie Van, you’re able to be dropped off in previously under-utilized and off-limit areas that were reserved for Disney Transportation. This is a big win, especially if you’re going to the Magic Kingdom, as they drop you off directly at the Bus Transportation Hub, vs UBER which can either drop you off at the Contemporary or at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Pricing, it’s still cheaper to use UBER (or LYFT), but having this option will actually help guests who may be dealing with issues like Surge Pricing or times when there are no pick-ups available, which happens from time to time).

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No. For the time being, the Minnie Van service will only transport guests around the Walt Disney World Resort.


Currently, the service is available from 630am til 1230am, although we are expecting the service to adapt to the park hours during prime season.


The program initially started as small market test with a select few moderate & deluxe resorts, however the full service is now available through the LYFT app for all guests.

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Yes, there are vehicles that are specially made for the service that are wheelchair accessible.


Absolutely! The vehicle comes with two child car seats, in which the drivers have been trained on the utilization procedures to speed up the service. Car Seats are free with the service, vs other services where you’ll actually see an addition surcharge.

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When you initially open up your Lyft app on Disney Property, you’re able to choose the options (Lyft, Plus or Minnie Van Service).

You’re able to choose the pick-up location, and then request the service. Once you initialize payment, the car is requested.

The app is similar to Uber, where it will actually show you the location of the car once it’s accepted your call. Along with the license plate number, the graphic also gives you the number of the car, which will definitely help avoid any confusion for guests or drivers.

When the driver is at the location requested, you’ll then receive a phone call letting you know that your chariot has arrived and then you’re ready for your adventure. If you require a special vehicle (ECV or Wheelcare), this is your chance to make that request.

Sit back and enjoy the conversation and the experience. Remember, these drivers are real Disney Cast Members from multiple areas of business (transportation, guest relations, etc), so they’ll give you that extra Disney Magic along the way.

When you arrive at your location, you’re able to process a tip for the driver and rate the ride. Keep in mind that the cast members are hourly, so it’s completely up to you whether or not you’d like to express your gratuity.

For More Information, guests can visit the Bell Services Desk at the participating Disney resorts.

Source: Disney Parks Blog and the official Disney World Website

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