Answering Your Question – Be Our Guest Lunch or Dinner

Be Our Guest is a popular restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, with folks booking reservations long before they’ll ever sit down at the table. But should you book a Lunch or Dinner reservation?

It’s important to think about your dining, so we’ll be answering the question before actually getting into the supporting arguments – Lunch is the best meal at Be Our Guest

This is a difficult choice, as I’m a fan of all three meal times at Be Our Guest for different reasons, but the question was to focus on Lunch or Dinner. But I’m up for a challenge;)


• Quick service lunch (Price ranges from $12.99 to $16.99 per entree)
• Dinner Table Service (3-course dining experience for $60 per adult and $36 per child aged 3-9)


Reservations are required for all meals at the Beast’s Castle.
• QS Breakfast is served from 8am til 1030am
• QS lunch is served from 1030am/11am til 230pm
• Table Service dinner is served from 4pm til park close
◦ Each time is subject to change due to a number of factors, including parties and park hours.

All three reservations are difficult to get, although I’ve had more luck getting lunch or breakfast ADRs 3-5 weeks out from a trip and dinner ADRs within a few days (even day-of) as a last minute reservation.



Although it’s classified as a QS, the style and flavoring could be mistaken for table service at points. The French Dip Sandwich is my ‘go-to’, but I’ve enjoyed the Carved Turkey Sandwich and the Braised Pork as well…and just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

The vegetarian option is the vegetable quiche, which is actually the same dish as breakfast. Not a bad option, as it’s fairly difficult to mess up the preparation.


As the restaurant evolves, various things change. The current offering includes a 3-course fixed prix meal, which actually provides reasonable variety for folks with a need to get something special. I’m a huge fan of the Center-cut Filet Mignon, but my arm can be twisted by looking at our neighbouring diners’ plates!

The vegetarian option is the Smoked Riccotta and Corn Tortellini, which provides an element of refreshment within a theme park environment.

Your dessert options are better at dinner though…especially when it comes to The Grey Stuff as they are part of the Dessert Trio!



What happens during lunch is mind-boggling and an all out choreographed masterpiece. There are three touch-points before you place your order, including the waiting area outside and multiple lines inside the castle (separated into folks paying with the dining plan, credit or cash). After you place your order, you get to find a seat in any of the three room and the food makes it to your table in a few minutes, during which you’re grabbing your drinks and cutlery.

There’s a seater that looks after the communication of three things: empty tables, tables that need cleaning and tables that need orders delivered. This person is usually a more senior cast member, as they have to know (and anticipate) what everyone needs to be doing to make the show as flawless as possible.

I had a chance to talk to one of these cast members during my last solo trip. Maggie was an opening day Be Our Guest cast member and was running the show like a boss! She was pleasant, able to communicate with many MANY voices in her ear all while understanding that her guests had booked this experience almost 6 months ago! I left that meal in awe of her and the rest of the team!

Because you don’t have a specific assigned server, the expectation is that you don’t have to tip. This is different for quick service vs table service.


The table service dinner is different, as your server is looking after a handful of tables, with food runners and other cast helping out along the dining experience. If the server is good, then your dinner will most likely go without a hitch. The first dinner I had was as memorable as it goes, as it was a slower evening (a few guests didn’t show up) so the cast weren’t overly stressed out and the food came out quick and to order.

On my last dinner, we had a great meal and just at the end…a group of 10 sat down next to us. It took us almost as long to get the bill as it did to order, receive and eat the entire meal up to that point.

Because your memories are a full overview of the reservation, it’s more than just a steak or a sandwich.


By far, the X-Factor that tips the scale in favor of LUNCH…is the fact that you get you pick your seat. Each time that I’ve eaten at Be Our Guest for dinner, we’re in the main Ballroom. BUT each time that I get to choose where I want to sit, it’s either the Rose Gallery or the West Wing.

The other HUGE factor that could in fact lead me to the dinner is the nice little surprise at the end of your meal…where you get to thank the host…

What do you think? Let me know via social media @StepstoMagic

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