Top Ten Quick Service Locations at Disney World


Thinking about where to eat when you’re in a hurry? This list is for you! 

When putting together a list of Quick Service (or Counter Service) restaurants, it’s important for me to stress that a “Top Ten” list may give you insights and ideas…but your vacation and your schedule is tailored to your specific needs.

Some of these will fit, but some may not. So take this as a starting point for your research…and oh ya…have fun!

Top Ten Quick Service Dining Locations


Columbia Harbour House - Photo by Steps to Magic
Columbia Harbour House – Photo by Steps to magic

One of the few decent offering quick service options at the Magic Kingdom, the Battered Fish Platter and the Lobster Roll are a constant on an ever-evolving set of entrees. Probably one of the top themed restaurants in all of Magic Kingdom, so even if you don’t end up eating here…stop inside and look around!

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ABC Commissary Menu Board - Steps to Magic
ABC Commissary – Photo by Steps to magic

The food is reasonable, and for a Quick Service location, the menu brings you all levels of theme park food. It’s not something to look forward to, but it’s also a great option is you really need to eat and it’s raining outside;)

We’ve found that eating here before peak lunch hours (11-1130a and after 1pm) is the best because of the air conditioning and ease of access to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

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Flame Tree BBQ - Photo by Steps to Magic
Flame Tree BBQ – Photo by steps to magic

BBQ – need I say more?

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La Cantina de San Angel at EPCOT - Photo by Steps to Magic
La Catina de san angel – Photo by Steps to magic

This is a “do your research” moment because when we first thought about eating in EPCOT, our focus was on the other restaurants around the World Showcase…and then we stumbled upon the menu for La Catina.

First off, it’s perfectly situated for a transition meal after spending the morning in Future World and before doing the EPCOT march around the lagoon.

Secondly, the amount of food you get will leave you stuffed. It’s great quality and the seasonings definitely bring you to a traditional Mexican spot.


Sunshine Seasons Menu - Photo by Steps to Magic
Sunshine Seasons – Photo by Steps to Magic

Another staple on the list of best Quick Service locations has to be Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion. Not only do they give you options, with around 6-7 different stations with 3-4 items each, but they provide you with some of the gosh darn tastiest meals that you’ll have inside of the four theme parks. And it’s healthy too…


Pecos Bill's - Photo by Steps to Magic
pecos bills – photo by steps to magic

Go back to a time with Taco Salad, toppings bar with liquid gold (aka cheese) and this restaurant in Frontierland would have been #1 on the list…no doubt!

Well since they revamped the menu and made “improvements” like taking away the nacho cheese…the feeling across the internet and in the parks is that this location needs more time to find its groove. Still a great option for inside the parks, but not close to its former glory.

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Les Halles Boulangerie - Photo by Steps to Magic
LES HALLES BOULANGERIE – Photo by Steps to Magic

We stumbled upon France in EPCOT after lunch plans fell through in Morocco and although the sandwiches are edible, the main reason why the Boulangerie made it onto the list was 100% due to the desert option!


Contempo Cafe Power Green Salad
Contempo Cafe Power Green Salad – Photo by Steps to Magic

Thinking about a complete hidden gem? The Contempo Cafe is located directly beside Chef Mickey’s brings a serious game to the Quick Service category. We put this on the list because of the proximity to the Magic Kingdom, and the fact that you can walk, eat and be back in the MK within about an hour…check it out!


Be Our Guest Restaurant – Photo by Steps to Magic

This is my favorite place to grab lunch at the Magic Kingdom. The menu is always solid. You can’t go wrong with the classic turkey sandwich here, it hits the spot every time!


Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse at Satuli Canteen
Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse at Satuli Canteen – Photo by Steps to Magic

It needs a little more time to find its place, but so far…Satu’li in Pandora: The World of Avatar is absolutely killing it! The quality, the service and the value is by far and away redefining the way that Disney does unique Quick Service!

So that’s our list. Thoughts? Comments? Did we miss any? Share them in the comments!

Top Ten Quick Service Locations at Disney World
Top Ten Quick Service Locations at Disney World – #StepstoMagic
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