Hidden Spots in Walt Disney World

Let’s be honest about planning a trip to Walt Disney World – you’ve already got a list a mile long about all the things that you want to do. From the best attractions to popular restaurants and some of the most iconic shopping in all the land. Does that mean that you’re getting everything that the resort has to offer? Maybe you should consider visiting some of the best hidden spots that are hiding in plain sight.

Here are our top secret destinations that you just gotta experience on your next visit to Disney!


The Canada Pavilion Waterfalls at EPCOT (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Most folks just walk past the Canadian Pavilion en route to another adventure OR they wander through the gardens on their way to Le Ceilier. Does that mean that you shouldn’t adventure through the rest of the pavilion? Absolutely not! There’s actually a waterfall in the back of the land, which disguises the Canadian attraction.


With no direct buses, you actually have to make Fantasia Gardens a destination. Located in behind the Swan & Dolphin Resorts, it’s two mini-golf courses that stretch the skills of even the most confident golfer!

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When you think about washrooms at the Magic Kingdom, there’s a list of popular (aka busy) spots…and then there’s the huge set of bathrooms in behind the Pirates of the Caribbean retail store.

Skip the Tangled Washrooms and don’t even bother with the Breezeway ones, because…well just because.


You can meet Mickey in the Main Street Theatre, but at the VERY back of the Magic Kingdom…past Dumbo and The Barnstormer is a building that is home to an interesting meet & greet location. Meeting Donald, Goofy and Daisy in their circus outfits should be on your list of things to do because it’s such a hidden spot!


Coming up with this list was fun because we have the chance to point out something that’s actually part of the story of the Magic Kingdom, and that’s the train stations. We pass under the Main Street USA station in order to enter the seven lands, but what about the others?

Frontierland and Fantasyland stations are some of the coolest hidden spots that you may not realize are there at all!

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Looking for something to eat in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? We know that Satuli Canteen is the best, but lurking in the shadows is the Harambe Market, which is a fairly new outdoor quick service area in Africa. Talk about unique eats, you’re more than likely to walk right past it because…just like everything else on this list…it’s not on the main walkway.

Trust me, it’s worth checking out the menu to see if there’s a winner for you and your party. IF not – it’s a spot to relax and recharge without too many folks around.


Flamingos, Lemurs and up-close views of the Tree of Life! Literally – you can walk right up and touch the tree on the trails that surround the Animal Kingdom icon.


Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land and the Tower of Terror. With a smattering of walkways that lead no where, one of my favorite merchandise locations is behind MuppetVision 3D and right beside Mama Melrose Restaurant. This all-year Christmas shop is decked with stuff that will put you in the spirit of the holidays, in addition to a permanent snowman out front!


Disney World is filled with surprises behind every turn, but nothing is as exciting as discovering your own hidden spots.

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