Fun Facts about the Jungle Cruise

Some of my favourite puns to use in real life come from the Jungle Cruise, and I can honestly saw that if you love classic Disney storytelling with a family focus, you’ll want to go on this ride!

Because it’s right off the main hub, the attraction typically has a 60-90 minute standby wait time. Now our goal isn’t to spoil the attraction, but every trip around the river will bring you a completely different experience.


Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Area – Adventureland
Opening Date – October 1st, 1971
Attraction – Boat Ride
Duration – 7 Minutes
FastPass+ is Available


Don’t like spending time waiting in a line? Even worse…do you wish that you wouldn’t have to wait in a line in the Florida heat? Get a Fastpass+ reservation for mid-day, as it’s a perfect attraction to wander to before or after lunch. They are usually a high-need reservation so be sure to book your FP+ 60 days out (30 days if you’re not staying on property). 

Disney releases a small amount of Fastpass reservations on the day-of, so at 7am the morning you are going to the Magic Kingdom, you can try one last time to score Fastpasses for your family. Overall, it’s best to plan for this one!

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If you arrive at the Magic Kingdom for park open, our suggestion is to do Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Journey Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid first.

Jungle Cruise is a great backdrop first thing in the morning with photos, but outside of not seeing a lot of people, it’s not a MUST DO asap:)

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Lines stink! The best part about the line at Jungle Cruise are all the details in the queue, including puns that will set you up for the experience that you’re about the take.

Pay attention to the littlest things, as it’s all part of the story. Most attractions within the Magic Kingdom have an awesome “Scene One” (or queue line), and the JC is no different.

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If you’ve never been on the Jungle Cruise after dark, you’re in for a REAL treat! The effects on the river are bar-none some of the best in the park. The fog, the stories and the eerie-ness of the boat just gliding through the waters…it all combines for a memorable trip!

We’ve tested the times and it’s usually a 25-45 minute wait as soon as the sun goes down, which is reasonable when it’s not the incredibly sticky mid-day heat.


The World-Famous Jungle Cruise is an experience that you have to participate in! The jokes are better when you laugh. The stories are better when you anticipate the punch-lines.

The skippers will give you their best when you show them the respect and the admiration that they crave;) Oh, and don’t just stare at your phone – because that’s no fun!

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You made it all the way through the article, so I wanted to give you a little Extra Magic!

The seats that you want to be in are always on the left-hand side of the boat, as you’ll get the BEST view of the Schweitzer Falls (named after the famous Dr Albert Falls)!

Also, try to sit as close to the skipper as possible because some of the boats don’t have the best speaker-systems.

What tips have you uncovered while riding the World-Famous Jungle Cruise? Let us know via Social Media!

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