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Fun Facts about Peter Pan’s Flight

Fantasyland without Peter Pan’s Flight just wouldn’t make sense. It’s such a huge part of Walt Disney World that it’s actually one of the most sought-after attractions for Disney Imagineers to work on. Most of us instinctually book the FastPass and not really wonder why…until today!

Here Are A Few Fun Facts About Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom

General Stats

Area – Fantasyland
Opening Date – October 1st, 1971
Attraction – Suspended Dark Ride
Duration – 3 Minutes
FastPass+ is Available

Forced Perspective

When you’re flying through the scenes of the attraction, it may surprise you that you’re closer to the action than you may have even realized. You’re actually only around 17-18 feet off the ground throughout the experience!

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Scene One

When Magic Kingdom’s management decided to increase the level of interaction throughout the queue lines, they took note of the biggest draws and the Imagineers went to work. From the Haunted Mansion to Peter Pan’s Flight, the standby lines received new interactive elements that make the inevitable task of waiting in line a little more palatable.

With this attraction specifically, you’re able to travel throughout the bedrooms of the Darling’s children and see everyone’s favorite Tinker Fairy sharing pixie dust!

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What does the Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan’s Flight have in common?

So we shared that both experiences received some “scene one” love back in 2014, but they are also similar in the ride systems. The boats are contiuous loaders, which means that you walk onto a moving platform to board your ride vehicle, which is known as an “Omnimover”…ie the DOOMBUGGY!

Operations of an attraction is an important part of the design process, so when you’re looking at having peak ridership, why wouldn’t you want to continuously load vs having to stop and load guests? Although the track is suspended from the roof, it’s still a system which Disney fans will always find reassuring and a little sentimental!

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FastPass+ Attraction

This is by far a controversial position, but I’ve never actually booked a FastPass reservation for this attraction. Why is that?

Well when I get to the Magic Kingdom at Rope Drop (ie at park opening), my first attraction is Peter Pan’s Flight. Most folks run to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, so getting a 5-minute wait on an experience that runs 120 minutes or longer in mid-day is well worth being smart vs investing a valuable FastPass selection on it.

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Watch your Knees

Once you get seating in the pirate ship, a cast member will sprinkle some pixie dust which allows you to fly! Incredibly awesome, but watch your knees…because when the lap bars come down it’ll hurt if you’re not paying attention!

Yes, this is one of the Worst Attractions for the Tall!

You made it all the way through the article, so I wanted to give you a little Extra Magic!

When you see Wendy walking the plank, she’s actually the only character in the entire attraction that’s wearing real clothing!

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Fun Facts about Peter Pan's Flight - #StepstoMagic
Fun Facts about Peter Pan’s Flight – #StepstoMagic

Written by Dustin Fuhs

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