Disney World Rides To Do Every Visit

When we’re building our itinerary for each and every trip to Walt Disney World, there are a few “constants” that we absolutely 100% need to experience.

Some have a couple, a few, a handful…but we have a Top 10!


When you think about classic Disney attractions, nothing is as iconic as the eternal struggle between scary and comedy which makes the home of the 999 Happy Haunts a MUST DO each and every trip (usually a morning walk-on and evening FastPass+)


The feeling that I get walking across the bridge from Dinoland USA to glimpse the forbidden mountains in the distance…it gives me chills just thinking about it! The story, the sounds, the wind rushing through my hair as you drop down the massive hill with a giant smile on your face.

Overall, epic-ness has never been so real!

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If you want to see what it’s like to view a giant cookie up close and personal while destroying your knees and saying “ow” like 6 or 7 times, then this is your jive. Nothing says classic Disney technology like the steel coaster that you have to climb out of at the end…LOVE it!


I was there opening day, but outside of that, this interactive midway style game is a ton of fun and brings a new level of excitement if you’re in the mood to keep score!


Each trip through the Serengeti is different, which means that you’re always kept on your toes to try to get the best photos and try to see those elusive cheetahs! I’ve only seen them twice, and I ain’t LION!


Disney adventure which takes you into a sensory overload of Classic Imagineering which will give you all those fuzzy feelings that you want from a trip to the Magic Kingdom.

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‘0-60mph in 2.8 seconds’ is one of the first facts that I learned during my contract, but when yore sitting in the limo (sorry, super-stretch limo) waiting to get to your backstage access at the Forum…you quickly realize what that tidbit of info really means.

I’ve tried so many different poses for the on-ride photo, but the classic rock n roll hand symbol is still the best!


All the advance planning aside, the mine train is such a fun piece of storytelling that is always a fun attraction to do. The details are everywhere, from the old hag at the end with an apple to the technological advances of the black-lights in the gem mine scene. Heigh Hoooooo!!


The soundtrack, the images, the story of the ride vehicle…it’s all part and parcel of the EPCOT experience. Oh, and a visit with the best flight attendant Patrick is always on the checklist!


Not a trip goes by that we don’t need to see what our future has in store for us;) Spending time going through the history of the advances in technology, along with the amazing audio-animatronics that have us thanking the Phoenicians after each decent while listening to Dame Judy Dench (and dreaming about Jeremy Irons)!

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There are a few honorable mentions, but that’s because I have a huge list of things that I want to experience each and every visit and I’m kinda a Disney fan (spoilers).

From Rise of the Resistance, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – there are always new and great experiences to put on your to-do list.


The wildest ride in the wilderness doesn’t get the respect that it deserves…but it’s definitely a ride that you should experience each and every time that you’re in the Magic Kingdom! FastPass+ is your friend with BTM and remember to hang on to your hats!

So that is my Top 10 Disney World Must Do Rides.

Do you agree with the list or did I miss something that you always have to experience? Let me know via social media! šŸ™‚

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