Couples Disney Vacation Tips

Walt Disney World is home to many experiences that could be seen as a perfect gateway for a couples vacation.

From dining to memorable resorts and attractions that will bring out the best in any relationship…we’re sold on the idea of creating magic through the offerings at the Vacation Kingdom!


Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort – Photo by Steps to Magic

We’re not talking about getting the most expensive hotel room, because in the long run…you’re going to be able to add your own personal flare to the trip. The goal is to find that unique and memorable spot that you can see yourself spending quality time.

  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

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Victoria and Alberts
Victoria and Alberts – Photo by Steps to Magic

When I’m looking to have an awesome couples-only trip to Disney, it starts and ends with dining. There’s so much to choose from and it can honestly be overwhelming for even the most experienced planner. You’ll want to make sure that each meal has something that you’re able to “choose” from, because choice is the best thing that you can do to create a great experience.

My suggestion is to stay away from the restaurants that are geared towards families, unless of course you want to do character meals or buffets! Your server will definitely accommodate you and won’t over-hype things that you really don’t need to worry about. We’ve had amazing meals at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom because they were able to seat us in a fairly private area, but still got the Fab 5 interactions!

  • Victoria & Alberts
  • Resorts Over Theme Parks
  • Eat at non-peak hours (ie skip out on the 1230pm and 6pm reservations)
  • Put on your nice dressy-clothes
  • Uber vs Disney Transportation

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Keys to the Kingdom Tour
Keys to the Kingdom Tour – Photo by Steps to Magic

Every couple is different and special, so this isn’t a list that “you must do” – because that’s not cool at all!

My goal is to point out some of the things that you can do that may not be obvious OR could be an extra cost. Subject to availability and seasonality, there are a bunch of splurge options that you can add to your vacation as a spotlight activity.

  • Keys to the Kingdom Tour at the Magic Kingdom
  • Dessert Party at a theme park fireworks or nighttime spectacular
  • Anything on a boat (fireworks cruise, fishing, random boating fun)
  • Spa-stuff! Seriously, it can be as simple as organizing a couples massage or a reservation for your significant other to get some pampering!


What’s with photographers and wanting to get photos of folks kissing?!?!?! Seriously….I’ve never once shared or wanted to share such a pose! I get it that it’s “romantic”, but no one actually looks good kissing! They look amazing right before and right after, but keep in mind that there are so many better poses to show some romance.

Best pose? Hug from behind and look at each other while whispering “…that cupcake didn’t stand a chance!” šŸ˜‰

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Ask questions that would allow for you to keep things fun and not stressful. We like to use the “what’s your level?” scale for hunger and sore feet, as it brings things to real life and actually allows for you to act on the current situation.

With a couples-only vacation to Walt Disney World, your goal is to have fun! Talk to each other and act on the impulse…especially if a Dole Whip can be involved:)

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