Amazing Disney World Vacation Traditions

Tradition is defined on as “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior”. This is 100% a topic that can be shared through a vacation to Disney World!


  • Night Blossom @ Pandora: The World of Avatar
  • Dole Whip in Adventureland @ Magic Kingdom
  • Pretzel in a new land or new style (like the Simba Pretzel in Animal Kingdom)



As you may know, I worked at Walt Disney World back in 2007/2008. This means that there’s a list of things that just have to happen during our trip (for nostalgia’s sake)

  • Visit my signature in my old workplace
  • Try to lunch with as many friends and co-workers as possible
  • Annoy Jill with many stories


  • Window Shop @ Sprinkles and Amorette’s
  • Walk between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT
  • Get hungry in EPCOT (around the China Pavilion) and try to make it (unsuccessfully usually) to the France Pavilion.
  • Always pack a swimsuit and NEVER use it!

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  • Lunch @ Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom
  • Victoria & Alberts @ Grand Floridian


  • A new puzzle (usually from the Toy Store at Disney Springs or The Emporium)
  • Something from the Art of Disney

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love planning trips to Walt Disney World, and with all the flexibility and repeatability that comes form the vacation kingdom…there’s always something soothing about having traditions.

What are some of your traditions? Let me know over on Instagram @StepstoMagic

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