Best Things to Buy at the Art of Disney

Souvenirs come in all sizes, shapes and budgets. When you’re wandering through The Art of Disney at a Walt Disney World theme park, you’ll see it all!

This is a store that will show off the best of the best that Disney artisans are able to produce for you to find a spot in your house to display!


What do you get the Disney fan who has everything? You get them a specialty key from the Art of Disney!

The attention to detail in these works of art are brilliant and well worth the $35 (ballpark figure) for such a unique souvenir. I’ve seen keys from franchises across the board, from Star Wars to Pirates of the Caribbean to the Haunted Mansion and everything in between.

When I was writing the article about the Top Attraction Gift Shops at Disney, a lot of the merchandise comes from the same inspiration. Basically….things that I want for my own personal collection in my office! 🙂

Just in case you want to shop before or after your trip, ShopDisney has a selection of these collector keys to pick up.

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Look at a wall in your office, kitchen or bathroom…then think to yourself if you think that you can use a little more Magic in your home.

From inspirational Walt Disney quotes to characters that need more representation in the parks…plenty of options! I’m a fan of window shopping until I get home, where I can measure n shop for frames. Once again, ShopDisney has you covered in your pursuit of that piece of Disney for your home


Animation is alive and well at Disney – well at least in the Art of Disney stores!

Starting at $45 for a 1-character drawing and going all the way up to $140 for a 7-character sketch, you’re able to pick through a huge selection of inspiration for an actual Disney Artist to sketch for you!

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Small and Big figurines are a plenty, but these are a little more on the bulk-ier side when you’re looking at taking them home on an airplane.

Remember to price out shipping options, because Disney does ship national and international using the same process as Package Pickup!

I’ll be adding more to this article as I go through my collection of all the stuff that I’ve bought from the Art of Disney stores, but remember that my goal was to share that there are some really awesome things to shop for when you’re in Walt Disney World!

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