The Best Vacation Gadgets

Gadgets are things that you can buy in order to make your vacation a little more smoother.


Portable charging is becoming a must-need for anyone visiting a theme park, mostly because we’re spending so much time on our phones. From social media to taking photos to making reservations, your electronics have shown their usefulness through their ability to accomplish tasks during times when you’re stuck in lines or in transit from the resort to the hotel.

The FuelRod is a product that you buy either online or at Walt Disney World for a one-time fee. After you’ve utilized the charge in your portable battery, just find a kiosk and you can swap it out for a fresh one. We’ve seen that you can go from a dead phone battery to about 65%-75% charge with a single fresh Fuelrod, which is pretty solid.

Best part is that when you leave the parks to your home, you can still charge the FuelRod with a simple USB connection.


Florida is hot, so having an add-on fan that uses your phone power….why not? When you’re spending 25-90 minutes in an outdoor queue line, the idea of being uncomfortable isn’t something that you have to do anymore. In fact, we’ve seen a huge influx of these products for folks who are standing in one place (like waiting for the bus), because when you can’t move, the sweat just starts to pour down your back!

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If you’re walking 15k-25k steps in a regular day at a theme park, keeping track is really a good thing. It allows you to multitask with a single piece of technology, as you also want to keep track of time for reservations and other commitments.

When you’re thinking about a SmartWatch, the functionality grows into connectivity with your phone. Seeing text messages, getting notifications about reservations and things that you’ve pre-programmed into your calendar is indispensable. It’s impossible to predict how time will fly when you’re having fun, so staying on track is a very good thing!


There are many different reasons why you should think about adding a higher-grade point and shoot to your gadget list, but the biggest is the fact that when you’re on vacation…options and flexibility are the goal.

Let’s be honest. The Current models of the iPhone have more functionality and better cameras than previous versions of DSLR’s. If you have an iPhone 11 or newer, you’ll be good to go.

Keep in mind that if you’re already spending money on a vacation of a lifetime, you should want to capture it in the way that you’d like to. Taking a trip to Disney World with a DSLR will only hurt your ability to take video, on-ride and nighttime images.

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So this is a big one, especially in Florida when the weather is unpredictable. You’ll want to protect your phone, but hiding it in a bulky plastic bag in your backpack isn’t helpful, so why not pick up a universal waterproof pouch for your phone.

Not only can you use your phone through the pouch, but you’re able to have piece of mind knowing that you’re not putting your entire faith in a ziplock bag that you got from Walmart:)

Hope this was helpful! I’ll be adding to this list as we stumble upon more gadgets, because as technology advances…the consumer benefits from higher quality at lower prices (unless you’re an Apple fan!)

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