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Outdated Disney World Attractions

I love nostalgia as much as the next person, but there’s a limit to my understanding how certain experiences at Walt Disney World have lasted this long without a little TLC.

When you think about the word “Outdated”, the dictionary definition is ‘out of date; obsolete’. This list is packed full with attractions that have either:

  • Lost their original storyline with no replacement
  • Themed around a movie that is “classic” and doesn’t have relevance in the current market
  • Hasn’t been updated as technologies have improved and make you just shake your head


I love spending time on Tom Sawyer Island, but is that because the draw of being on an island in the middle of the Magic Kingdom or because the brand of Tom Sawyer drew us out there? I think that folks have a nostalgic feeling of the tales of the book but in today’s theme park…does it really fit?


“Outdated” doesn’t mean “bad”. This is a great example of an attraction that needs to have a little bit of love shown to the final scene. Outside of that, it’s an experience that I will always go to when I’m feeling the need to connect with Walt:)

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When’s the last time that you saw the movie Swiss Family Robinson? EXACTLY!


The cars are powered by gas. Your local go-kart tracks probably have better ride vehicles that won’t kill our ozone layer at the current rate as the Tomorrowland Speedway! #SaveTheEarth


Okay, so this will take a little bit of an explanation, but the reason why Kilimanjaro Safaris is on the list is due to the lack of story. Originally, the trek of going on a 3-week safari to have your ride sidetracked to save Big Red and stop poachers from harming elephants brought a story-element to a fun attraction with animals.

What happened to the story? Remember that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is “Nautazu”…so why did this turn from an e-ticket experience to a basic tram tour where the cool elements (like the moving bridge) are turned off and we learn fun facts about fake ostrich eggs?

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The scientific institute queue line has out-of-date or disproved dinosaur information. It would be awesome to see a re-recorded voiceover from Bill Nye the Science Guy to update the science throughout the experience.


A Bug’s Life is currently the 19th Worldwide  Pixar movie in unadjusted box office, which is saying a lot! The only movie that’s performed worse was The Good Dinosaur!

Now, I’m a fan of looking at the theming and the overall appeal of an experience, but the last 4 vacations to Walt Disney World have seen us skip It’s Tough to be a Bug. Basically, we’d rather leave the park than see this outdated movie.


Just like most of the World Showcase, attractions and experiences at EPCOT have been neglected for decades. Even those that received an overlay have seen better days, and this is evident to even the first time guest who rides the Gran Fiesta Tour.

The video segments that accompany the stereotypical feel of original World Showcase attractions…well it’s incredibly outdated and needs to be brought into the current theme park expectations.

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Another experience that has a very strong story but has a number of segments that just need to be revamped. The science that’s involved through hydroponics and using insects instead of pesticides…all great!

You know what isn’t great? The beginning part before you see the greenhouses and the video elements, which seem like they are from a generation ago that didn’t know how to create engaging content through iMovie or FinalCut;)


I’ll continue to ride Toy Story Midway Mania because it’s a fun attraction that you can ride with your entire family and everyone has fun. Why is it outdated? Well all the levels were included in the 2009 release of the Nintendo Wii version of Toy Story Mania by Disney Interactive Studios!

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The Little Mermaid is a classic movie with a character set that continues to be front and centre with experiences like Journey Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid AND all the places where Ariel (and Prince Eric) are available for guests to meet. That being said, this show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has become the poster-child for the original Disney MGM Studios live performances that just don’t exist within the current theme park.

I don’t think that I’m alone in thinking that the only reason why it’s survived this long is because it’s a Disney Princess franchise in a park where they needed more for the families.


With the number of broadway shows that have opened and closed in New York, including Beauty and the Beast…why is a simple retelling of the movie still around? I think out of everything on this list…this is probably the most shocking!

I hope that this list was fun for you, as it was so much fun to write! I love the Disney Parks, but as prices increase and the quality in the competition grows…we should expect more as we move into the next 50 years of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Dustin Fuhs
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