Best Universal Orlando Fan-Designed Shirts

Planning a visit to the Universal Orlando Resort can be overwhelming, but one thing that you can take assurance on is the number of things that you can get on t-shirts!

Always remember to play to your style and personality, but why wait until you get to the park to find that perfect shirt to model for Instagram?

Best Universal Orlando Fan-Designed Shirts

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Please note that the goal for this article is to show off some of the best Fan-Designed Universal-Inspired art, so let’s have some fun!


Steamed Hams T-Shirt
Steamed Hams T-Shirt

Why wouldn’t you want to walk through Springfield USA with a Simpson’s Themed shirt that has something like:


There’s nothing better than wearing a shirt around that is also a conversation starter! I’m a fan of any of the MIB designs that have the Noisy Cricket or a deep cut from the first movie that really makes someone think about where they saw that Neuralyzer…just to have you turn and walk away;)


Ollivander's Wands T-Shirt
Ollivander’s Wands T-Shirt

Everyone knows how big of a fan we are of the Harry Potter franchise, so let’s just go to the concepts that are worth getting on a shirt!

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From a Isla Nublar Park Ranger design to a Dodgson shirt…Jurassic Park is one of the fan communities that doesn’t lack of imagination when you’re thinking of representing the franchise!


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