How Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Works

**Update: Due to the pandemic, Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom has been discontinued. The infrastructure has been removed and the cast members have been re-assigned or furloughed.**

Back in 2012, a “virtual attraction” debuted in the Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando. This interactive game called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SOTMK for short) and focuses on Merlin’s quest to prevent evil from taking over the most Magical Place on Earth by recruiting park guests into the role of “apprentice sorcerers” and sending them throughout the park’s themed lands to defeat the villains (who were recruited by Hades).

With this being an Introduction into How Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Works, I don’t want to overload you with information.


SOTMK, from the outside, is a fairly complicated composition and explaining it may take some time, but that’s why we have the Disney Parks official YouTube video to bring it all together!


I LOVE THIS ACTIVITY! First off, the concept behind a deck building game with levels and interactive physical set-pieces is exciting. Then you bring in the online community and the guest interactions that happen within the various portals…it’s mind-blowing how incredible this game is AND how under-the-radar it really is.

My collection of cards is constantly growing…to the extent that when I’m having coffee with friends or talking to a new business contact, I’ll actually offer a card as a parting gift:)

It’s also gotten to the point that when I’m on vacation from my home base in Toronto, Jill and I will purposefully go to the Magic Kingdom for a half hour JUST to open a portal and get our daily pack of cards.

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If you feel like you want to do more research on the game, feel free to keep reading. We’ll also be putting out a few more articles about the game in the near future…as it’s awesome! IF you don’t know what to think about it and want to play before you make up your mind, that’s completely understandable.


Learn more about the mystical game that’ll have you casting spells like a pro wizard!
Important Details

  • Sign up for the game at the Firehouse at Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Players will receive one map and pack of spell cards per day.
  • Missions last from 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes longer depending on degree of difficulty.
  • Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is included in your theme park admission.


Geared towards sorcerers of all ages and genders. It brings you into the hidden elements of the Magic Kingdom, including secluded walk-ways and dead-end streets that you may have missed while walking around as a regular guest.
Trading is a huge part of the game! If you see guests playing the game, don’t be afraid to go up and start a conversation. The general rule for trading is a “level for a level” (ie a star for a star)

There are Facebook Groups dedicated to SOTMK, which are incredibly helpful and filled with amazing folks who really enjoy the game! There may even be a few cast members fl0ating around and offering their two-cents about the in’s and out’s of the game.

Get organized after your initial introduction to the game. Some people don’t enjoy the game, or they aren’t in the parks often enough to get a good feel for the experience. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s easier to accessorize after your first interaction with Merlin!

#FunFact You can get a extra free pack after defeating Hades at the end of the game. This is also where you get to choose if you want to “level up”, as the game is set into three different difficulties, where the card selection becomes vital to succeeding.

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Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom Cards and Map
Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom Cards and Map – Photo by Steps to Magic

There are a total of 70 cards, with new “party” cards released annually with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (included in your admission). Each card brings you closer to defeating the various villains in the game.
1-22 = Star, Rare
23-40 = Moon, Uncommon
41-60 = Planet, Common

Each free pack generally has 5 cards: 1 star, 1 or 2 moons, and 2 or 3 planets. Each member of your party can get a free pack each day AS LONG AS you’ve played the game since the last time that you’ve received cards.

The cards are available at the Firehouse on Main Street and at a remote location in Liberty Square.


In addition to the free cards, there is a booster pack (available at which are only available for purchase online OR at the Magic Kingdom (when in stock).

Each booster contains 2 stars, 2 moons, 2 planets and 1 lightning bolt card. Priced at $14.99, you are sometimes able to get a lower price (or free shipping) at!

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Carry your Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game pieces and cards in this imitation leather case shaped like an ancient sorcery book, then travel to Walt Disney World – or just around the neighborhood – to make magic with fellow gamers!


Deal me in!

Play the game at home, then bring your cards to Walt Disney World to cast magic spells in the Magic Kingdom theme park attraction Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.


Stay tuned to the website for more about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom! We love sharing information, tips and tricks about everything in Walt Disney World!

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