Dollar Store Items That Aren’t a Dollar in Disney World

Budget is important when thinking about a vacation to Walt Disney World, but not in the ways that you would normally consider.

Why spend more than a dollar at a Disney World Resort gift shop when you can buy it for a buck at home in the dollar store and then toss when after your vacation to make room for a new souvenir?

Yes, this is consumerism and horrible for the planet – but work with me on this and you’ll save more space in your budget for new and exciting experiences.


This is a basic for anyone who doesn’t want to get soaked in a classic Florida downpour. It’ll happen, and even if you’re prepared – it’ll still be uncomfortable when you’re hunkered down in a gift shop surrounded by families spending $13-$17 on an “official” Disney World plastic bag with Mickey on it (aka a poncho).

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Bubble Wands

Easy to pack and a hit with the entire family (regardless of the ages) – pick up a package that includes a refill and it’ll save you $15+ on something that you would definitely not bring home at the end of your trip.

Light-up Toys

After the sun goes down, the parks become a sea of Disney merchandise carts with light-up toys that range from $5-$30 and usually break after the first couple days. I’ve seen guests exchange if they do break, but when you’re done the vacation – the toys just end up in a pile at home and will eventually make their way to a donation bin.


This is horrible to suggest but is also absolutely hilarious to see in practise. Imagine getting rained on in the typical mid-afternoon downpour and then walking around in wet socks for the rest of the day. Now think about how your feet would be if you changed socks after the rainstorms… one would know but it’s such a game-changer!

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EPCOT Gift Shop
EPCOT Gift Shop (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

Do you have anything that requires AA or AAA batteries? You definitely don’t want to spend $10+ on a replacement pack of batteries when you can have a replacement set in your backpack that will last you until you’re at the hotel.


Did you know that you can’t buy gum at Disney World? You know where you CAN buy gum….


Keeping your family distracted in line could be as easy as pulling out the sticker book. I’ve seen it happen and it can change the mood from a potential meltdown at the worst possible time.

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Cough Drops, Ibuprofen, etc

Anything that you could need to make it through a potential mid-day headache or cough-attack will make everyone happy. There are official Disney First Aid walk-in medical facilities in the parks that can provide these if you forget, just in case you need help!


Bring your good headphones with you for the travel portion, but if you need a cheap pair that you wouldn’t mind break or get soaked in a Florida rainstorm….cheap dollar store for the win.

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Honourable Mentions

  • Umbrellas (cheap-ish will save you $15+ in the parks)
  • Disney-themed Candy ($1 on princess candy will save you $5-$8 at Goofy’s Candy Co)
  • Charger Cables & Battery Packs (Get these on sale and you’ll be glad to have a backup, incase you don’t have a FUELROD membership)
  • General Snacks (Granola bars, fruit snacks, potato chips, etc)
  • Water bottles (We tend to recommend Swell and other higher-performance based water bottles, but anything is better than spending $5 on a bottle of water)

and the most recommended thing to buy at the dollar store…

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Have you ever heard that the most reliable sunglasses are the cheapest pairs, while the ones that constantly break are the expensive ones? Bring a pair of cheap sunglasses (sport-style are the best) and you’ll be fine if you drop them. I also tend to use my cheap ones on water rides, as I don’t like to miss the action!

Hope this was helpful!

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