Enhanced Disney World Souvenirs

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Merchandise at Disney World can be exciting or boring, but there is a category of souvenirs that can be enhanced into something that is unique.


Traditions are important with Disney fans, which may include the purchasing of dated merchandise. Ornaments are available to be personalized in many spots around property, with the main hubs at the Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs.

For an extra charge, you can have an ornament personalized with many customization options and pick it up in a reasonable turnaround time.

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Birthday buttons

Personalized Birthday Button at the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

If you visit the shops that can personalize ornaments and ask for a celebration button to have something special on it – the cast members can definitely do it. In fact, this is one of our favourite birthday enhancements!

Arribas bros

Aribas Bros Personalization and Customization Options (Photo: Dustin Fuhs)

The staff at Arribas Bros have the ability to take things to a different level with customization. In addition to the glass blowing, they are also able to personalize frames and also operate the silhouette experiences at Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs.

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If you visit the Magic Kingdom and head to Liberty Square, you’ll find a cart that specializes in the art of custom & personalized art onto parasol (umbrellas).

Leather treaty

At last check, the customizable engraving of leather bracelets are available at outside of Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and by the Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom. These are great souvenirs available at a reasonable cost and include free engraving on-the-spot by talented individuals who have experience making these bracelets (at scale) with quick turnaround (coming from personal experience, of course).

Customizable Coke Products

The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs has a number of products that can be customized, including shirts, cans and technology.

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These have become more common with the release of on-site screen printing and can be found at most parks, including Disney Springs at Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories and online at ShopDisney.com.


MaDe by D-Tech on Demand at Tomorrowland Power Co (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Disney Springs has a D-TECH kiosk at the CO-OP Marketplace, while the Magic Kingdom has a MaDe customizable technology station at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. There is also the customizable D-TECH location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Build Your Own Lightsaber at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Build Your Own Lightsaber at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (Photo: Dustin Fuhs)

More of a product than an enhanced souvenir, but it’s still a cool addition to the list!

and finally…


Mickey Ears can be customized and personalized with your name in a colour & font of your choosing.

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