5 Disney Character Autograph Tips

Darth Maul Autograph at Star Wars Weekends
Darth Maul Autograph at Star Wars Weekends - Photo by Steps to Magic

When you’re planning on meeting a character at Walt Disney World, you should know beforehand that there are a few things that you may encounter before and during your experience.

5 Disney Character Autograph Tips

Get your Autograph Supplies Before Your Trip

Rapunzel Signing an Autograph
Rapunzel Signing an Autograph – Photo by Steps to Magic

Plan ahead by picking your supplies on Amazon, because you’ll be saving time and energy. From the Autograph Book to a multi-color Sharpie Pack – being prepared will help drastically on the budget and the stress!
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Do I need to get Autographs in an Official Disney Autograph Book?

Mickey Mouse Signing an Autograph
Mickey Mouse Signing an Autograph – Photo by Steps to Magic

Characters will sign ALMOST anything, but be prepared for all the situations. Fabrics require a different marker than a piece of art from the Art of Disney. I’ve seen everything from hats, baseballs, postcards, iPads and everything in between. With Pinterest as popular as it is, a simple search will get you thinking outside the box!
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What won’t Disney Characters Autograph?

Bucky Greenhorn (2008) Signing Fake Autographs
Streetmosphere Character Bucky Greenhorn (2008) Signing Fake Autographs – Photo by Steps to Magic

Characters will not sign anything that you’re wearing at the time, so if you’re getting a shirt autographed…bring it to hand to the character attendant. They will also not be able to sign any part of the human body, so trying to get that sharpie autograph for a tattoo like you’ve seen on YouTube from various celebrities just won’t work.

Do all Characters Sign Autographs?

Dustin and BB-8
Dustin and BB-8 – Photo by Steps to Magic

Great question! No – there are characters that don’t sign autographs.
This list will be subject to change, but so far:

  • Buzz Lightyear (Usually Stamps)
  • The Incredibles (Mr Incredible & Frozone Usually Stamp)
  • Mike Wazowski & Sully (Not Able to Sign)
  • King Louie (Not Able to Sign)
  • Lightning McQueen & Mater (Not Able to Sign)
  • Olaf (Usually either Stamps or provides a pre-signed page for your autograph book)
  • Baymax (Not Able to Sign)
  • BB-8 (No arms…)

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Do I need a Special Pen for an Autograph?

Timon Dropped the Pen (2008)
Timon Dropped the Pen (2008) – Photo by Steps to Magic

Let’s be real here – characters are often wearing gloves, which means that you want to hand them a larger pen or marker. They are completely open to signing with a regular pen, but providing options for colors is actually part of the fun of meeting a character!
There are times, like in the photo above, when the characters can play off of each other…and sometimes the pen is part of the act:)

Hope this article help with your next Disney World vacation planning! #DreamsComeTrue

Disney Character Autograph Tips – #StepstoMagic


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