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Rumors are GREAT within the Theme Park community!

When we are planning a vacation to Orlando, Los Angeles or anywhere in the world, the goal is to see something new and exciting. That’s when you’ll get news and reports about things that are being talked about, planned or even in the construction phase appear online…like a story about the Monster’s Inc

Rollercoaster promotional video that was uploaded on the Disney Cast Member “Hub” for 8 hours and taken down (and never seen again)

I’m a huge fan of weeding through the stories that are obvious click-bate and those that are coming from reputable sources. The community is growing constantly and with every new website comes a new voice and a slew of “insiders” to talk about what’s going where.

So let’s get into the rumors that are interesting to me. OH, and please note that these are 100% rumors (and wishes), and until you hear it directly from The Walt Disney Company PR…it’s just that:)

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With Tron Coaster opening soon, Tomorrowland is in the midst of an identity crisis.

  • What’s going to be going into Stitch’s Great Escape?
  • Will Carousel of Progress be able to hold it’s place on ever-growing valuable land?
  • How does the Tomorrowland Speedway actually last with the gas-guzzling non-environmentally-friendly cars?
  • Does Space Mountain finally get it’s Disneyland-esc upgrade (two tracks to one and updated ride vehicles)


The talk has growing within the walls of Imagineering about a possible re-do of the Main Street table service restaurants. Does this mean that we’re going to see an upgrade from Tony’s Town Square and The Plaza?

Another hot topic was the addition and subsequent pausing of adding a new theatre behind Main Street USA, which would have basically created a new street permanent walk-way to Tomorrowland. You’ll know this walk-way well if you’ve visited the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, as it’s the spot where they hand out the candy bags and goodies when you first check in.

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World Showcase

Ratatouille will be joining the World Showcase in France with a new attraction, but this is just starting the conversation about the possible overhaul of the world’s fair idea. What’s next?

  • Expansion of Le Ceillier in Canada
  • New Niagara Falls attraction in Canada
  • Mary Poppins Attraction in the United Kingdom
  • Overhaul of Monsignor Paul in France
  • New Aladdin experience in Morocco
  • New Table Service in the American Adventure
  • Brazil and Spain joining the World Showcase as permanent Pavilions
  • Overhaul of Mexico Pavilion Attraction


Also announced at D23 was the vague “re-imagining” of Future World. Now what does this intale?

  • New Table Service Restaurant at Mission Space (Confirmed)
  • Wonders of Life Pavilion replacement (Play Pavilion is Confirmed)
  • Odyssey replacement (Temp space for EPCOT Redevelopment)
  • Spaceship Earth refurbishment with new scenes and a new voice
  • The Living Seas refurbishment with focus on water technology and removal of Nemo property
  • Journey into Imagination overhaul with Inside Out property
  • Living with the Land overhaul
  • Demolition and Re-Imagining of Breezeways (Confirmed)

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With the recent opening of Pandora: The World of Avatar, the growth opportunities within Disney’s Animal Kingdom are limitless. New IPs being talked about include Zootopia, Coco, and all the new Live Action movies (Lion King, etc).

  • Conservation Station overhaul into Zootopia
  • Dinosaur reverting to Indiana Jones (same ride technology, vehicles and track layout)
  • New broadway-style show to replace Finding Nemo: The Musical
  • New Animal Experiences: Giant Pandas & Kangaroos
  • Australia

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So, the park that’s undergoing the most change is also the subject of the most rumors.

We know that Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has opened along with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, but outside of that…there’s little known about what’s staying and what’s going. Let’s dive into the chatter….

  • Aerosmith replaced at Rock N Rollercoaster (too many bands to name at this point)
  • Another rumor is that RnRC will be completely overhauled into a Monsters Inc Door coaster
  • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage replaced
  • Tower of Terror dining experience
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt replaced

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  • Star Wars Themed Hotel (confirmed @ D23 Expo)
  • Transportation & Ticket Center Replacement
  • New Monorail Line
  • New Monorail Resort
  • Second Disney Springs area in North Property


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