Top Tips Before You Go To EPCOT

EPCOT is one of the best examples of imagination and most unique experiences that you could experience at a theme park in the world. When you’re thinking about going to Walt Disney World, there’s the Magic Kingdom and “the other parks”…but it’s becoming more and more evident that folks should go and experience everything that EPCOT has to offer!


World Showcase
World Showcase – Photo by Steps to Magic

EPCOT is actually two separate concepts, Future World and the World Showcase, and were originally designed to be individual parks. The right dominos fell in order to allow for the theme park that we see today!


World Showcase Opens at 11am
World Showcase Opens at 11am – Photo by Steps to Magic

The World Showcase doesn’t actually open with the rest of Future World at 9am, so stay keep that in mind when you’re thinking about where to start. We’ve got an article that focuses on EPCOT before 10am, so head over there if you’re thinking about plotting out your adventures.

Basically, you’ll be able to ride Frozen Ever After and get food at select locations. One of these spots are Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in France, which is our favorite quick service location in EPCOT! 

The rest of the World Showcase opens at 11am.

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Sunshine Seasons Menu
Sunshine Seasons Menu at EPCOT – Photo by Steps to Magic

Most folks think about EPCOT in the same breath as the Disney Park with the most dining options, so know that you won’t walk too far without being tempted with good eats! I’ve put together a ranking of food, which includes Table Service and Quick Service…so enjoy!


Rose and Crown Pub
Rose and Crown Pub – Photo by Steps to Magic

There’s an unofficial and un-sanctioned activity which involves getting a drink from each pavilion around the World Showcase. Although Drinking around the World is popular, it’s actually because the pavilions are stocked with uniquely international flavors that you will be perfect as you’re making your way around the 1.2 mile long trek.

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Test Track Entrance Signage
Test Track Entrance Signage – Photo by Steps to Magic

This is an easy one to use during the day, but Test Track has a single rider line! If you’re riding alone (or with a group that doesn’t mind being split up in order to experience the ride quicker), you can head into this line and bypass the pre-show before becoming a seat-filler!

The line goes quickly because the ride vehicles are designed with 6 seats per car, with 3 in the front and 3 in the back. As most groups are two, three or four…you’re almost guaranteed an expedited trek to the SimTrack!


Mulan Meet and Greet in China PavilionMulan Meet and Greet in China Pavilion
Mulan Meet and Greet in China Pavilion – Photo by Steps to Magic

From Character Dining (Akershus and The Garden Grill) to EPCOT Character Spot and regional specific meet & greets around World Showcase, there are plenty of opportunities to experience Disney Magic!


Northwest Mercantile Hidden Mickey in Canadian Pavilion
Northwest Mercantile Hidden Mickey in Canadian Pavilion – Photo by Steps to Magic

MouseGear is your “Emporium” of EPCOT, with a huge footprint and tons of stuff to buy in one place.

Outside of that, there’s the shops of the World Showcase including:

  • Northwest Mercantile in Canada
  • Mitsukoshi in Japan
  • Yong Feng Shandian in China
  • Der Teddy Bar toy shop in Germany
  • And so many more!

I love shopping at EPCOT, so be prepared to use Package Pickup because your arms will get sore by carrying all your bags!

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EPCOT is jam-packed with exciting entertainment! From the Voices of Liberty in the American Adventure to the Acrobats in China and everything in between…just make sure to pick up an entertainment schedule when you show up at the park.


As the sun sets at Walt Disney World, there’s a whole new experience that presents itself…nighttime spectaculars! EPCOT is home to a celebration, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, that rivals any theme park fireworks show that you’ll ever go to. Be prepared to have every new years eve at home ruined;)

I hope that these tips were helpful and that your next trip to EPCOT will be as magical as possible!

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