Tips to Tipping on a Disney World Vacation

There are over 60,000 cast members (aka employees) that work at Walt Disney World Resort. They range from folks that you come into contact with during your vacation (aka “On-Stage”) and folks that you’ll never come into contact with…but you expect that they’re doing their jobs day-in and day-out to make sure that things go smooth (aka “backstage”).

Tips to Tipping While on a Disney World Vacation

Here are a few tips for how to interact with cast members who are providing services that go above and beyond the call of duty


The cast members that work to keep your resort room clean are known as Mousekeeping. It’s one of elements of a vacation that often goes un-noticed when done correctly, so providing a tip is a great gesture and much appreciated.

Recommended Tip: Typically range around $1.00 per person per night, although we tend to do half up front and half on the last day.


Disney makes it fairly easy to tip at Table Service (or sit-down) restaurants as they put the suggestion right at the bottom of the bill. You’re looking at an average of 15-20% of the pre-tax amount, although we’ve gone above that for great service and below that (or no tip at all) for lackluster or outright bad service. It’s not your responsibility to tip, but it’s always a great way to show your appreciation.

Recommended Tip: 15 to 20% of the pre-tax bill


We found this out after spending a lot of time at Disney buffets, but wow…these cast members WORK hard! Yes – they don’t have to take your food orders, but outside of that one detail, they are still refilling drinks, clearing plates, bringing fresh cutlery and making the rounds to make sure that you’re having a great experience. If you have an allergy, the staff also arrange for a chef to walk the line with you to point out what you can eat and what you should avoid.

Recommended Tip: 15 to 20% of the pre-tax bill


Bell Services, Magical Express…basically anyone who helps with your luggage during your stay has the option of being tipped.

Recommended Tip: An appropriate tip is ranging in the $1-$2 per bag, but completely up to you.


Bus drivers who drive for Disney are classified as “non-tipped positions” so they are unable to accept cash tips. Those who drive off property, like Uber drivers or Mears shuttles are a different story and should be treated as such.

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Disney World is huge! This means that you’ll be coming into contact with a number of folks who provide services that may be subject to tips, but they’ll usually let you know if you CAN’T tip them. Services like hair cuts, hair weaving/wrapping, face painting, Art of Shaving, Spa Services, Bippity Boppity Boutique and private VIP tours are all options.


Great Question!
The answer will surprise you…TELL someone!

  • Ask for a manager at the location
  • Write an email when you get home
  • Stop in at Guest Relations and ask to fill out a Guest Service Fanatic Card.

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Learn more tips by exploring our website! So many tips and tricks to make your vacation to Walt Disney World Resort more memorable and magical!

Tips To Tipping On A Disney World Vacation - #StepstoMagic
Tips To Tipping On A Disney World Vacation – #StepstoMagic

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