Best Places to take a Sunset Stroll at Disney World

Romance is alive and well at Walt Disney World, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the company of your significant other.

In fact, there are a number of great spots to “get away from it all” and take a good ol’ fashioned romantic Sunset Stroll!

Here are my favorite Sunset Stroll locations at Walt Disney World


With the Tree of Life as the backdrop, your photography mind will take control as the sun goes down. From the Discovery Island trails to the area that surrounds the icon of the Animal Kingdom…it’s all about having your camera ready to capture the memories!


Head out of the International Gateway at EPCOT and within a few minutes walk you’ll be at the Boardwalk, which is probably the best hidden gem on property.

The music, the food, the atmosphere and the sights are definitely what makes this a great spot to take an evening stroll. Grab an ice cream cone and enjoy!


There’s a time that photographers talk about while at Walt Disney World which is known as the “Magic Hour”. It’s the hour before sunset when the skies light up in pinks and purples…and this is the perfect time to be taking a stroll around the World Showcase.

Families have left for the day and haven’t come back for EPCOT Forever just yet and the restaurants are still packed from Dinner service, so very few guests are wandering the shops.

It’s that perfect time to grab a quick drink (maybe a Grand Marnier Slush in France) and explore the pavilions hand in hand and not feeling like you have to stress about a FastPass+ reservation.

This is by far my favorite, as EPCOT is my home park and I just love spending time there!


Expansion brings excitement, and when the new Fantasyland area opened in the Magic Kingdom, we were incredibly lucky to see the attention to detail that the Imagineers brought to the area.

For an evening stroll, there’s nothing better than the atmosphere of the Beauty and the Beast area…like Bonjour Gifts and Gastons Tavern! We also love walking around the area by Journey of the Little Mermaid and even taking a ride on Dumbo, as the stroll can always be helped with a little cuddle as you’re flying around in an elephant!

Those are a few ideas for a sunset stroll in Walt Disney World! Have any other cool locations to add to this list? Let me know via social media @StepsToMagic:)

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