The Hottest Restaurants at Disney Springs

The hottest restaurants in Walt Disney World come to us from the revamped and re-energized Disney Springs. From Company-owned and operated locations to outside participants bringing their skills to the House of Mouse, it’s important to take note on which dining establishments are “gotta get” reservations!


Enzo's Hideaway
Enzo’s Hideaway – Photo by Steps to Magic

When we took a walk through Enzo’s Hideaway, the ambiance made us want to sit down and look at a menu immediately. Most folks may just hustle past, as the restaurant itself is tucked away under ground…but do us a favor and stop in! You’ll thank us later;)


Just take a look at this menu and you’ll be sure to understand why it’s on the list! Ranked as the #1 Restaurant at Disney (by USA Today), the folks at Gibson’s Restaurant Group have outdid themselves with the mix of quality seafood & solid American fare and theming that belongs at Disney Springs!

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Let’s talk about excitement! The folks at Blaze Pizza have struck gold with their ability to offer high quality toppings with a system that can pump out hundreds upon hundreds of pies an hour! Talk about a spectator sport, the team at Blaze are running on all cylinders to bring a $9.65 Build Your Own Pizza into 2019!

PS – They’ve got an app and reward system too! #SkipTheLine

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Splitsville at Disney Springs
Splitsville at Disney Springs – Photo by Steps to Magic

Bowling, billiards, live entertainment and a solid variety of dishes ranging from pizza to sushi, burgers to rice bowls…Splitsville is an incredibly hot reservation right now! Remember that the more fun you’re having, the more that you’ll want to bowl (because bowling is AWESOME!!)

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Good ol’ fashioned hard work and attention to detail is what’s making this spot a success. If I were to list off their menu, you’d get the point…but let’s just say that the fact that they bring fried chicken from your mom’s kitchen to the big leagues at Disney is impressive! And moonshine craft cocktails!?!?!?!

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I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but the lines don’t lie for this Disney owned and operated quick service location. You need to put your trust in the buns and know that gourmet is more than a price…it’s an adventure! This ain’t your typical theme park burger!

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Step back in time and forget about the trials and tribulations of the outside world…because it’s ON! Steampunk/Gothic-style is incredibly hot right now in the industry, so I’ve gotta think that the mixture of the architecture, cuisine lineup AND the fact that there are so many hidden gems within the restaurant to check out will keep Patina Restaurant Group’s newest offering top of mind for a long time!

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House of Blues at Disney Springs
House of Blues at Disney Springs – Photo by Steps to Magic

From their burger menu, which includes the “Juicy Lucy” and the Impossible Burger…you should definitely put their menu top of the list when you’re thinking about a lunch or dinner at an increasingly busy district. On top of the live entertainment, you’re able to get your groove on throughout their store and bar!

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Chef Morimoto is an icon in the game! When Disney announced that the man from Iron Chef America was bringing his cuisine to their revamped Disney Springs Landing district with a partnership with Patina Group, I was incredibly excited. Anyone can do pan-asian dishes…but can they bring it like the team at Morimoto Asia has?

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Spanish influence with gold star service and unique flavors with every dish, this addition to the West Side at Disney Springs should completely be on your list of menus to check out before your trip!

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New is always great! Make sure that you check the menu before planning your evening at Disney Springs, so know what you’re getting into because it’s definitely a game-changer!

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Each dining experience is unique and subjective to the date and time that you visit. Please note that each location may have their ups and downs, bumps and challenges…but if you have a negative story…you should always start at the store level to see if there’s a resolution that can be made:)

Dustin Fuhs
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