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How to get your Second Wind on a Vacation Day

Second Wind = a new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort.

There’s nothing more tiring than a day at Disney World! In fact, there’s more calories burned during the initial rope drop sequence than a single Dole Whip can replace.

All kidding aside – the idea behind getting a second wind during a vacation day is incredibly important. The weather mixed with emotions and adrenaline and filled with expectations of living a trip that may have been months in the planning could be overwhelming.

How to get your Second Wind on a Vacation Day

When we were coming up with this list, it was important to recognize that every person in your group will have a different answer to running out of energy. From crashing in a mid-day nap to being able to do a couple days in a row without needing a break and then hitting that wall…it’s all about having ideas to deploy during a trip.


Find a piece of fruit, a cup of grapes or something that isn’t packed with artificial sugar. It may seem like a little thing, but a little air conditioning and a quick bite to eat could really help get things back to normal.

Just in case you’re looking for a spot in each park to just grab a seat without being around too many folks, here’s a quick rundown.

  • Magic Kingdom – Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland
  • EPCOT – The Mexico Pavilion (indoors) or Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – One Man’s Dream or the Backlot Express
  • Animal Kingdom – Pizzafari on Discovery Island (at the turnoff to Pandora: The World of Avatar)


This is a huge part of our vacations, as Jill has a different level of excitement for times during the trip. Mostly because I’m working on stories or articles for the website, but also because I’m so focused on taking photos ALL THE TIME that she sometimes needs a few hours to herself in order to refresh the magic while I’m busy working.

During a morning where I was at Disney Golf for a meeting, she went to the Magic Kingdom for a few rides (Splash Mountain, Tea Cups, etc) before we met up before lunch at Animal Kingdom. We’re also a huge fan of taking a shorter break by going shopping for each other while the other is playing in a different part of the park.

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This is an easy one, but if you’re like us and really like doing the early morning and late night touring plans…why not nap during the afternoon? It’s usually crazy hot and full of people who didn’t wake up early for rope drop (or families) so it’s the perfect time. You can head back to the resort OR find a good spot for an in-park nap


Mix air conditioning with a comfy seat and not having to walk anywhere…enjoying a show is perfect to recharge! Each park has a spot that we love, so here’s the list:

  • Animal Kingdom – Finding Nemo: The Musical OR Its Tough to be a Bug
  • EPCOT – American Adventure
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – MuppetVision3D
  • Magic Kingdom – Mickey’s Philharmagic or Country Bear Jamboree


The worst thing that you can do is find a bench and just open up Instagram or Facebook, because it’s not doing anything to help you get a second wind.

You’re at Disney…so stay in the moment:)

I hope that this was helpful! Stay positive and you’ll get through those tough moments…because they will show up at the worst possible times for anyone in your group. It’s all about knowing what stage you’re at and not to just push through.

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