Things You Have To Do on your First Trip to the Magic Kingdom

You’ve just decided to book a trip to Walt Disney World…now what?
Choices will lead you away from the fun and excitement into the land of ‘This or That’. Instead of stressing, let’s go through a list of what a first trip is all about!


When I first took Jill to the Magic Kingdom, we made a b-line to the first Photopass photographer and asked for a photo with us and Cinderella’s Castle. The idea that all that saving and stress of planning a vacation culminated in some of the biggest smiles on our entire trip!


I had my ears from when I graduated from the Disney International Program in 2008, so when I tried to pre-purchase Mickey Ears for Jill, it was met with a “but, I want to buy my ears from the Magic Kingdom”.

This lead to our adventures from store to store in order to get the perfect set of ears. We ended up deciding on Belle Ears, which turned out to be a huge deal because they aren’t popular and Jill got a lot of attention because they are pretty cool!

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What’s better than starting a trip with a stop in to see the head cheese? Because most your arrival day is unpredictable, I’d actually suggest making your first FastPass+ reservation for Meeting Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theatre for day two.

Outside of probably getting tears from someone in your party, it’s just a great feeling to get a hug from the boss!

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Remember your first Mickey Premium Ice Cream bar? I do and after your first trip…you’ll want it to be at the Magic Kingdom (instead of backstage at EPCOT during a cast magical moment haha)

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Ghouls, Spirits and the Ghost Host all in a single introduction to classic Disney storytelling.


From the Haunted Mansion to the other ‘E-Ticket’ attraction that means more to fans that they will ever admit, Pirates of the Caribbean is just something that you have to do on your first trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Fun fact – on our first trip, PotC was actually closed for refurbishment. It helped smooth out my argument for a repeat trip;)


Disney cupcakes just take….more magical. It’s weird to admit, but it’s gotta be something they put in the icing that makes you feel like you’re in the Magic Kingdom and everything is awesome!


Whether it’s a regular showing of Happily Ever After or a performance of a holiday version of Wishes, the idea of standing on Main Street USA with thousands of others in order to see fireworks that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Less about how awesome they are…and more about how Disney has actually ruined future fireworks celebrations in every city you’ll see them in.

Seriously, I can’t watch fireworks without asking:

  • Where’s the story?
  • What…no soundtrack?
  • Where’s Tinkerbell?

It’s funny for me to admit on the website, because Jill’s had to deal with me at things like New Years Eve and the Pan-Am Games closing ceremonies…and I just spent the entire time complaining;)

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We’ve got an article on Unique Gifts, so think about what you’re going to get as a souvenir of your trip to Walt Disney World!

Not Essential, but Recommended


If you have the chance, and the Magic Kingdom is closing at midnight (or later), plan to be in front of Cinderella Castle when the clock strikes 12:00am and you’ll experience something that will literally make you start to cry in front of everyone! Tears of joy, but still…just thinking about it is bringing a little mist to my eyes:)


Getting to spend time wandering through the seven lands of the Magic Kingdom after most guests have left…it’s too good to be true! Take your time and just enjoy the experience of an Evening Magic Hours.

In fact, we usually don’t even take photos after the sun goes down because it’s all about creating those magical moments.


Trying a dole whip is like a right of passage for most Disney fans, but as Jill’s pointed out many MANY times…it can be over-hyped to the point that folks getting one for the first time are disappointed of the experience.

Don’t worry, it’s still awesome but you can also do the Peter Pan Float @ Storybook Treats if Key Lime Ice Cream & Sprite is a more appealing flavor than the original Pineapple Dole Whip at Aloha Isle.


Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get this reservation, but if you’re able to get a lunch quick service time it’ll make your time in the Magic Kingdom even more exciting! #BeOurGuest:)

Remember that a trip to Walt Disney World is exciting and adventurous, even if your itinerary allows for only a small amount of time in the theme parks.

Magic Kingdom is the most visited park on property, so even though I’m a huge fan of the Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT…it’s called “Magic” for a reason:)

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