Disney World Vacation Expectations

Expecting the unexpected is all part of the fun of a Disney World vacation, but there are a handful of things that you should definitely be aware of before your trip.


Whether or not you’ll be bringing a car down or relying on Disney Transportation, there’s a constant on Disney property…and that’s the prevalence of vehicle traffic. This will impact many aspects of your schedule, including how long it will take you to get from point A to point B.

Knowing ahead of time to expect back-ups will help your sanity, as you should always plan extra time.


This is a funny one, because the joke is that you’ll be waiting in lines to get into anything, from the washrooms to stores to attractions….but there’s truth to the joke. Expect to be waiting in lines, and we’re not just talking about 5-10 minutes!

You will be standing in lines. Expect it.

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The expectation of going during the “slow season” and being able to walk on to every single attraction…well those days are over.

You should be aware that there’s a push by Disney to put “heads in beds” for every night of the year. This means that you’ll be be dealing with cheerleading tournaments, Brazilian tour groups and marathons…and you won’t notice it until you should up at the All Star Resorts and see glitter…lots of glitter!

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The team at TouringPlans.com have been putting together a formula that showcases the number of attractions that a paying guest requires to experience in a single day, or else they feel as though they aren’t getting the value that the ticket requires.

Why is the Magic Kingdom the most popular park to visit? Because the sheer number of attractions means that even if it’s a busy day, you’ll still be able to get in at least 5-10 rides. For the parks that don’t have the same number of attractions (Hollywood Studios has like 5 total!), it’s going to be a more difficult sell for guest satisfaction.

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Disney is VERY good at marketing, and we should all know that by now. Will you get face time with Mickey Mouse on Main Street USA alone? Nope…but you’ll see that on the website and commercials. You’ll also see kids waking up in a

It’s incredibly important to set the expectation with your family (especially kids) that there is a PR side and then there’s real life.

The point of this article is to share that Walt Disney World vacations are all about managing expectations, as you are going to one of the most popular destinations on the planet for folks wanting to experience a little Disney Magic.

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